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Today, I’m gonna share with you my Maybelline favorites! Sure, there are a lot of great products from Maybelline  but right now, I am consistently using these items because they are soooo easy to apply and blend.


I use Maybelline BB Cushion and finish it off with Maybelline ClearSmooth All In One Powder Foundation.


This combo is the best for that ‘fresh lang‘ makeup look cause there are days when I really just skip applying concealer and blush.



I like this powder foundation as it has a very fresh and smooth coverage. Perfect match for my oily complexion.


For my eyebrow, I use an eyebrow powder, which I will reveal soon and then fill up the spaces inside with this FashionBrow Pomade Crayon. I also use this sometimes to create contour lines on my nose and cheeks.


Then for my eyeliner, I use Maybelline HyperInk Liquid Liner on first application. Then I bring this Maybelline HyperImpact Liner to work in case I need a little retouch on the wing tip.


Yes, this eyeliner runs on creases of my wrinkly hand but it does a great job on my eyes. The wrinkly hand is the problem here. Haha. With lipsticks, well I super like their Rose Matte in Rosy Peach but I have to be honest, I use different brands of lipsticks each day. Wearing less makeup makes me feel carefree. As much as possible, I try to wear less and bring less makeup items at work – especially on field as we also bring cameras, lens and lights which are far more important than my face. I don’t have much time for retouch anyway.

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Btw, Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara is ON SALE for ONLY P299 in Maybelline counters nationwide, until July 31, 2017. Yay so mura! You can also shop with convenience on Lazada:


I really appreciate how the products cooperate with my very busy lifestyle. With the help of these products, I can quickly pull off my everyday work look in minutes! How about you? What are your favorite products from Maybelline?

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16 thoughts on “Maybelline Favorites

    1. I forgot hypercurl, I love it too but I don’t currently use it. Super nakalimutan ko na. This is an honest blog entry anyway. 😉

    1. I super duper love the Hypercurl Mascara and creamy matte lippie in Nude Embrace. So far, the perfect nude shade for me 😉
      And is Rosy Peach the one you are wearing on your recent entry about Althea?

  1. Love ko po talaga madam ung powder foundation ng maybelline. Ganda ng bagong lalagyanan niya. Pink 💕💕😍😍

  2. I also love using maybelline products. Bukod sa affordable, maganda pa and maraming pagpipilian. I am always using their white super fresh powder foundation and I love it so much! Mas nagmumukhang natural tignan pag tumagal kahit pawisan 🙂

  3. Nice faves! Mine is the Maybelline Powder Foundation (love the wide mirror) Brow Palette (even though I don’t have one YET haha) and my newly bought Matte Lipstick( for only 199, ugh such great deal!). One of the main reasons I bought Maybelline products because its affordability for quality products.

  4. I recently purchase this powder foundation from Maybelline, and so far it is my favorite go to foundie. I have oily skin, and na-minimize yun kapag eto gamit ko. And I love the packaging, very posh! Affordable din sya and hindi mahirap hanapin. Considering na I am here in Mindanao, where Malls are like 7 hours away from my place. Buti na lang si Maybelline available kahit saan hehe.

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