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Weeks ago, I dropped by Watsons at Podium mall to check their latest product – Collagen by Watsons. It’s their latest secret to youthful, firm, elastic skin.



The Collagen by Watsons range contains Tri-collagen Complex from Europe, an enhanced three-tier collagen system that boosts skin elasticity, firmness, and moisture retention! It has Collagen Peptide that increases skin elasticity, Hydrolysed Collaged that helps in skin regeneration, and Atelocollagen which minimizes wrinkles and fine lines!




The Tri-collagen Complex stimulates skin regeneration, locks in water for moisture, and nourishes and tightens skin, leaving you with youthful, firm, plump skin! Here’s a molecule demo presented during the event:



Watsons prepared some games for all the guests as well.


I like Collagen by Watsons Moisturizing & Brightening and Intensive Nourishing & Firming facial masks cause they are so easy to use. Gives moisture on face in an instant.


Collagen by Watsons Intensive Moisturizing & Firming Lotion, on the other hand, is a lightweight, nongreasy lotion that contains anti-ageing Q10 and nourishing Soy Bean Oil to help moisturize and soothe discomfort caused by dryness.


If you need extra whitening, go for Collagen by Watsons White Regeneration collection.


Or if you think, you need more care for your aging skin, try Collagen by Watsons Skin Renew collection. It’s the blue one. Actually, I thought the Skin Renew products are about Php1,000 each. I just can’t believe it’s just around Php300! The other products are affordable as well. With Collagen by Watsons, you can now bring youthfulness into your beauty routine without breaking the bank!


Get your dose of collagen’s youth boosting properties with the Collagen by Watsons range!

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20 thoughts on “Collagen by Watsons

  1. Into collage na tlga lahat ah for anti-aging kasi its proven effective and really give our skin a youthful effects! Tlagang binabalik ang smooth at batang skin! Soon yan din tlga gagamitin ko, pwe na nga eh hehe, kaso d pa pwd isali sa budget ko 😅
    Great review madam! Thanks for sharing! 😍😊😘

  2. Wow! Skin Renew price is Php300?! Affordable pala sya akala ko medyo expensive sya kasi yung packaging nya maganda… Will recommend this to my mama. Thank you for sharing this info! (^^)v

  3. Mukha siyang mamahalin pero affordable pala. I’ve heard many feedbacks sa mask nila, maganda daw. Will check these when I drop by to Watsons. ☺

  4. Naghahanap yung sister ko ng magandang collagen,i will recommend sa kanya tong Collagen na to. Maganda pala sya. 😊😊

  5. wow! Collagen really works po talaga no? kaya ung other brands is really mahal po. Super affordable po nya kung matagal na gamitan dba po.

  6. Wow Madam Carizza ang mura po pede s budgt khit paisa-isa bilhin keri tlga! Buti n lng naisip ng watson toh, di n mahal mgpagnda. Anu po un pinka favorite nio s collection nila Madam?

    1. Skin Renew, which is their anti-aging line. No drastic changes pa so far but it gives extra moisture on my skin when used regularly.

  7. Great thing affordable pala, mukha kasing mamahalin ang packaging 😀 Eto na yata yung pinaka affordable na nakita ko. Gusto kong itry lahat lalo na yung mask. Thanks po for sharing! 🙂

  8. So far eto ata yung pinaka budget friendly collagen line! From creams to masks and lotions, grabe complete! <3 Ive tried using the mask of whitening line before. Tagal ko na nagsesearch ng reviews about this line. I wish you could give some Ms. Carizza, looking forward to read that!

    1. Yes, when I notice some changes in my skin I’ll definitely write about it. Right now, it just works like an instant moisturizer, the next day, my skin feels dry again.

  9. Ma’am nakita ko Ito ngayon Lang sa Watson after ko mag church Ang dami po nilang variant pero medyo pricey po sya tapos sabi ng sales lady na dami raw good feedback nito. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ma’am.

    1. It is pricey if you’d get the entire collection. But yes, it really works. I’m very happy with the results kasi dry skin ako.

  10. I’ve tried Collagen from Watsons and I don’t know if it’s from the same brand. I had a minor break-out so I stopped using it.

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