Oh My Bag: How to Take Care of Your Handbag


My room was always a mess and since recently, I unbelievably had plenty of time to face it, I tried to declutter some of my clothes and bags, donate some pair of shoes and even sold some makeups and accessories online. Of course, I kept my best-loved stuff then I realized that some of my favorite yet missing bags were just dumped and squeezed in my closet! Oh my! I searched online on how to put a kibosh on the damages and ended up getting these saviors from Oh My Bag!

Now I gotta learn how to properly store my bags to save their lives. First, use a bag stuffer to keep its shape and avoid wrinkles and sagginess.


Look how it transforms this neglected handbag!


Now, I don’t wanna let go of my banig bag just because of the lose threads that holds the handle. It reminds me so much about my work, being a tita of manila, a certified maarte shopper and supporting the habi lifestyle so I guess a little fix will revive this one.


I used Rosalie handle wraps and voila! It looks new once again!


I am so in love with this Valentine edition of their handle wraps!


Since a banig bag is prone to molds, I use a 12×18 bag filer to protect it.


Ever since I got these accessories, I became OC and started being a little more careful with my bags. How about you? How do you take care of your bags? Share your quick no-fail handbag care tips below.

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6 responses to “Oh My Bag: How to Take Care of Your Handbag”

  1. well ako, I love hand bags, as much as I love back packs…hehe…sa pag, aalagang hand bags what I do is, kapag di ko siya gagamitin, pinaplastic ko po siya bago itago, I have three hand bags and lahat bigay ng sisters ko, and ako kasi, ginagamit ko almost a month ang isang hand bag lang, kasi di naman nga po ako nagwowork sa office nor sa ibang lugar, I just used it sa shopping and visiting friends. Kaya yun po limit ng time na gagamitin ko isang hand bag, then next month iba naman. As much as possible, pabayaan ko na muna self ko basta wag lang gamit ko and mga anak ko…

  2. Precious Joy Angeles

    Amazing transformation of your hand bag Ms. Carizza! mas naging mukhang bago siya ng lagyan mo ng handle wraps and bag filter!I take care of my bags by covering it with a plastic because maalikabok sa kwarto namin. Im taking care of it so much because only have few bags and yung iba ay gift lang din. Im choosing the kind of bag that Im going to use depends on the occasion na pupuntahan ko and my outfit also. My most favorite is a sling bag. I hope you can share me your old bags hehe! Stay Pretty Ms. Carizza!

  3. Frishella Ratna

    Nice information. From now on i can keep my hand bag tidy 😀

  4. Rhen E.

    I’ve always neglected my bags and each and everytime ended up ruined. Now I know what to do! These are actually some nice tips I can do next time. I used to just stack my bags in my cabinter but I’ve learned from others to wrap your leather bags (and those kind that easily peels off if not used in a long time) with an eco-bag like wrapper. And another tip, is you can use scarfs to mix and match it with your bags if you don’t have handle wraps. It can give the bag a new look that will fit your style, just like what you did on your banig bag.

  5. Joyce D. Santiago

    Great tips and nice bag transformation. 🙂 The handle wraps are very feminine in style and really matches your bag. My mother and I are also keeping our bags in the cabinet and sometimes they are also being dumped and neglected. But what I do with my favorites are, I keep them in their original cloth bags, I don’t let them get wet and I don’t let it carry very heavy items. 🙂

  6. Mokona Modoki Chan

    Natural na ata talaga sa mga babae ang pangongolekta ng bags. Haha. Every payday, bumibili ako maliit man o malaki kasi somehow, narerelax yung utak ko pag nakakabili ako. I don’t know why. Haha. Sa ngayon, wala naman nasasayang na bag saken as in yung natatambak lang kasi pag hindi ko na gustong gamitin pinamimigay ko sa kapatid o kamag-anak ko. 😂😂😂

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