A Precious Tea Party

Carizza Chua Porcelain Dolls

Reminiscing about my extraordinary birthday celebration this year. Some might think that this is a little weird, mad and unusual but I was so happy as one of my dreams came true and that’s to have a tea party with my dolls!

Carizza Chua Porcelain Dolls

“‘I think you might do something better with the time than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers.”

I really wanted to invite all my dolls but having too much house guests would be so much for me to handle. Maybe I’ll just host another one some time. My dolls would surely understand!

Carizza Chua Porcelain DollsMannequin Challenge on point!

“Have some tea,”
“I don’t see any tea!”

Carizza Chua Porcelain Dolls

I received a Vintage Tea Party Year book, Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert tea set and a Gold Tea Serving Cart from Eton as birthday presents. My oh my oh my! He surely knows everything about me!

Carizza Chua Porcelain Dolls

Estrel's Birthday Cake

To the magnificent people who became part of my life, who continue to fill me with love, hope, support and inspiration, THANK YOU!

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6 responses to “A Precious Tea Party”

  1. filipinas dava

    Ang cute sobra!! I didn’t find this “tea party” weird at all!! Its so cool!! Its like being a child again😘 belated happy birthday Ms. Carizza Chua💚💚💚

    1. Carizza

      Thanks dear!

  2. Mokona Modoki

    Yes, at first, I really find it weird. But while reading, I was entertained. Lol. Such a kawaii theme for a birthday party, “A Tea Party”. 😊😊😊 Seems like the dolls are enjoying it. 😊😊😊

    1. Carizza

      Yes, I am weird in so many ways hahaha

  3. Kathlyn Pearl C. Santos

    Omg! A tea party! Nice to meet your dolls madam Carizza 😍 super cute nla 😍

  4. mariejoy

    Hala ang kyut nyo po talaga…talagang ini-enjoy nyo kung ano gusto nyo kahit adult na kayo:) mahilig din nga po ako manuod ng cartoons:) Yan nga naman ngpapasaya satin..<3<3

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