Wallflower with Ashley

Vacation mode on. I missed my doll Ashley so much so I invited her to go out with us. Of course, she accepted the invitation. Who wouldn’t want to get out of the glass cabinet? All dressed up in a checkered dress, a matchy bow on her head and pearl necklace which she stole from my sister’s jewelry box one night when we were all sleep and sound.



Ashley Maldita


She’s one of the prettiest from my collection.


Off Shoulder Top from ASOS // Skirt from EMODA // Watch from XOXO // Shoes from Landmark


So happy to catch up with her!

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11 responses to “Wallflower with Ashley”

  1. Grabe, daig pako sa fashion ng Baby Doll mo ma’am Carizza..Para po kayong mag-ina hehe, I Love how you dress po, you totally look like a Doll too! Ask ko lang po, ano po Brand ng bag mo Ma’am Carizza? I like it. Merry Christmas po!

    1. Carizza

      Thank you. Bag is from Kultura. I started to #LoveLocal because of my work. 😉

  2. Kathlyn Pearl C. Santos

    Hi Ashley! Nice to meet you doll! I like your name already hihi. You’re so pretty just like ms. Carizza 😊 super fashionista mo din ha. Nadaig mo pa ko 😉😘😙 okay lang maging wallflower madam as long as kasama mo si Ashley I know hindi ka mabo-bored 😊❤

    1. Carizza

      Shy type kasi kami 🙂

  3. Sky Alexander

    Wow, makikita mo talagang mahilig ka po sa doll, alagang allaga niyo po siya. At fashionista din po siya like you 😊😍

  4. Meron din po pala ganyan sister ko, malaki kaso aksidente niya pong nabitawan , nagka-crack tuloy yung face sayang..yan tlga ang isa sa dapat pinaka iniingatan na Doll, kasi mababasagin, but that’s what they’re different sa ibang doll, sulit po tlga bumili nyan and andami kong nakikitang mahilig sa mga ganyan. I have my Bff too na nasa australia na, one of her dolls din na pinost niya sa fb niya is a porcelain doll too, mahal daw pero worth it kasi pinag-ipunan niya tlga, and it’s her dream doll daw sisnce she was little.. Matanong ko po Ma’am Carizza, ilang taon na po sau si Ashley?

    1. Carizza

      I adopted Ashley last 2011. I got my first porcelain doll when I was 7. Mom kept her in the cabinet so I wasn’t able to play with her often when I was still little.

  5. Mariejoy

    Pretty nga naman po saya bongga ang lashes…mukha po kayong sisters♡♥♡like ko din po outfit nyo♡

  6. Helga Chua

    Oh my, I envy those lashes!

  7. Katie Seyls

    Love your dress! And what a sweet relationship you have with your dolls 🙂
    Love her fashion sense too! And look at those lashes!

  8. Frances Bernardo

    Ashley has a very sweet smile! So cute! I also have few collection of dolls and figures, pero puro Disney Princesses. Maybe I can collect Bisque head dolls in the future. They are kinda pricey, hindi pa afford ng student budget. Sobrang love ko din mga dolls ko. That I sometimes bring them sa school or whenever mamasyal with my family.

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