Leaders Mediu Angelring Hair Steam Pack

For those of you wondering how I took care of my pink hair without spending too much at the salon, I’m finally revealing it! Whenever I am at the salon, they would usually tell me that I need this, that, in short, they would offer everything to get what’s left in my wallet. I know they just want the best for my hair, but spending too much every week just for my hair would be really expensive and time consuming. Due to time and money constraints, I decided to buy hair treatments and do it all by myself at home. One product that I love using is this Leaders Mediu Angelring Hair Steam Pack!


Description: A steaming hair pack that applies active ingredients to moisturize and repair hair that has bee n damaged from frequent dyeing, styling and UV rays.

leaders-angelring-hair-steam-pack-2Php 298.00 per pack



The amount of product inside is just enough to cover short hair. Since I have long, thick hair, I think the essence inside each pack is just not enough. I want more!


I usually apply this after popping from the shower. Just don’t forget to towel-dry your hair and take all the excess water out of it. All hair things are pretty messy but not with this one. Simply rip the packaging, open the cap and place it on your head. Wear it like a normal hair cap. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove. Rinse out the remaining product with warm water.


Blogger Tip: There was an instruction on how to keep it tight on your head but since I know no Korean, I just made life easy and taped it on my head! Also, while wearing the cap, I massaged my hair to make sure that the product was being distributed evenly.

Recommended For:
Color-treated hair
Damaged hair
Heat-damaged hair
Frizzy hair
Dry hair
Rough hair

leaders-angelring-hair-steam-pack-7After using the Steam Pack / No other products used or styling done

After using this mask, my hair feels softer! My pink hair wasn’t super straight and manageable to begin with (hello, bleaching is sooo damaging) but after every steam pack, I could run my fingers through my hair without getting stuck. Truly, this product is amazing for a bummer yet practical human like me. I just find throwing each plastic cap every week wasteful. Also, I think there are more hair products out there which could do better but how could I complain when this is less that 300 bucks and hair treatment at the salon would cost around 2k or more? I still have a lot of packs left and I thought of giving away 6 for you to try as well! Keep commenting here in my blog for a chance to win!




6 responses to “Leaders Mediu Angelring Hair Steam Pack”

  1. filipinas dava

    Wow!! I would love to win that one. My hair is also prone to damaged ‘coz I DIY color my hair too., it’s much cheaper if I do it myself! Thanks for this one!!

  2. Mariejoy

    Ganun pala kung bakit masarap tignan buhok nyo, Para talagang cotton candy;D I also have dry hair at split ends and I was looking for some hair products that could lessen my damage hair pero waley.. Maganda pala to kaso medyo expensive pero worth it naman siguro, mahaba po buhok ko so baka kulang din yan sakin pero I hope to try some kung papalarin na ako ang manalo this month..hhmmm.. HEHEHE!

  3. Angelie Namindang

    Kaya pala ang ganda ng hair mo madam. Parang ang GAAN tingnan. Gusto ko e try yan. Hehe, kasi Simula nung pina rebond ko yung hair ko nag damage na siya at subrang buhaghag na kasi di na maintain yun. Medyo may kamahalan din kasi. Kay yun, medyo mahaba yun buhok ko hanggang beywang but by Feb, try ko pa cut para new look naman sa birthday month ko. 🙂

  4. Fione del Rosario

    I agree, hair treatments done at home is very messy but very affordable naman!

  5. Mokona Modoki Chan

    WAaaahhhh! I wanna try these too. I have a super dry, frizzy and thick hair and I think this is what I need. I am planning to go for a rebond kasi talagang arrrrggghhh ang panget na ng buhok ko but since wala pa ako budget for that, I think maganda to for my hair. Sabi ko gusto ko lang talaga nung Maybelline planner pero upon reading this, gusto ko din try to. I can see how your hair was transformed. 😀😀😀

  6. Kathlyn Santos

    I wanna try them too! 😍

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