Licca Doll and Friends


Are you familiar with Licca Dolls? Licca dolls are dress-up dolls by Takara which are popular in Japan. I used to have one and she’s a hand-me-down from my sister. She was one of the ‘special girls’ and she could sit with the Barbies. However, my mom, being the antagonist during our childhood days, gave it away to my cousin and we never see Licca and the other dolls again. Now that we are adults, me and sister can now recollect all the dolls that we used to play. Even mom is very happy to see these familiar faces back in our home!


Licca-chan doll’s full name is Kayama Rika. Yes, in Japan, it is pronounced as Rika. I remember when my sister asked the Japanese girls where to find Licca dolls, they didn’t understand until she showed the photo and the girls were like, “Ooohh, Rika doah!”. Lol. Love it.

  takara-licca-friends-10Licca teaching a friend how to pose like a ballerina


Unlike the perfect figure of Barbies, Licca-chan dolls tend toward a more Japanese body as far as height and features. The eyes though were turned kawaii, a feature that every Japanese girl loves.



This blog entry is a good reference for us so we don’t have to unbox over and over again. ‘Cause there were times when we unbox just because we want to see the faces of our dollies. It also helps us so we won’t forget their names and faces easily.



Most of these dolls were second hand. Some of them already need a trip to the dolly salon but we opted not to touch them anymore as we want to remember each of them as is.

takara-licca-friends-6Licca doll and friends


Some Takara doll faces were already hard to find so we decided to buy the old generations online.



That’s all for now. We will unbox more some other time. Do you also have Licca dolls? DM us some photos. We’d love to meet them too!

Dolly love and kisses,
Carizza and Cheryl




11 responses to “Licca Doll and Friends”

  1. Vanessa Dacanay Ang

    Kawaiiiiiiiii ♥.♥
    Nice to meet you Lica doll and friends ♥

    More please. 🙂

  2. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Super cute!!!! 😍😍😍 I like the one with pink hair (last photo).

  3. Arleen Oboguin

    Ang gaganda lahat Ms. Carizza. Kakainlove. Naku kapag nakita yan ng daugHter d na nya yan titigilan paglaruan 😊 we dont have lica dolls po , barbie dolls lang ang meron sya 🤗 We used to play them as our mother daughter bonding. Ang cute nila lahat 😊.

  4. Napaka cute naman po ng mga dolls na yan! mahal po ba yan? Yes! they exactly fit the word “KAWAII”!

    1. Carizza

      It depends on the outfit and/or if it’s a limited edition. Regular Licca dolls are priced P800 at Toy Kingdom before they were pulled out. Licca in gowns around P1200-2000. While vintage and limited edition Licca dolls could cost up to $1000!

  5. Katie Seyls

    I used to have a doll that looked like these dolls.. Im not sure if its Licca Doll, It was a pasalubong from my aunt who lives in japan. Mine has a red dress and the doll has long brown hair with full bangs. It comes with a brim hat and a silver crown. It is a bit smaller compare to barbie.. It was my most favorite!

    1. Carizza

      It’s probably a Licca! 🙂

  6. mariejoy

    Ang gaganda naman:)i like their kawaii eyes,looks soo adorable. Noong bata ako i only had 1 barbie doll. Hiningi ko lang and I enjoy playing with her. Kaso her body is full of black spots pero I don’t mind I love her.♡iba talaga ang childhood days napakaspecial♥

    1. Carizza

      Bring back the childhood days! XD

      1. mariejoy

        HEHEHE! yes po!, ang tagal ko po naglet go sa childhood days ko maggregrade 6 na ako laro parin nang paperdolls.:)

  7. Frances Bernardo

    Ang cute naman nila! I hope I can collect these type of dolls too. I have a few collections of disney princess’ dolls, barbie, and piny pon. I budget my alowance so I can spend some for my hobby. And I get extra reward if I did great in school. And what I like the most is sewing costumes for all of them.

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