Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cold Brew

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf‘s Viennese Blend now comes in Cold Brew!  Steeped for 20 hours for an incredibly smooth taste. Incredibly brewed to perfection!


It’s a medium-bodied and rich aroma with full flavor and nuances of chocolate. Coffee Bean’s Viennese Blend brings select coffees together at the medium-dark roast level for a surprising balance and depth.



Best consumed within four days from brew date.


 And lastly, rediscover your love for The Original Ice Blended® as CBTL celebrate the FINAL featured drink of #MondaysMadeBetter with a Swirl Rewards cardholder EXCLUSIVE! I’m having an advance celebration today with my family. Love their pastas!


Sip on the Hazelnut Chocolate and Pure Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Blended® ALL DAY tomorrow, June 5, for only Php 100 each! It’s going to be a great Monday!


Don’t forget to bring your Swirl Rewards card to avail of the promo. #MondaysMadeBetter #ILoveIceBlended #CBTLph




8 responses to “Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cold Brew”

  1. Di ko inintindi ung coffee! ung mga pagkain tlga! yumm!!! you’re a Lifestyle, Beauty and Food Blogger Madam! I love your shots! nakakaakit tlga 😉

  2. kathlyn santos

    Pwede po ba sya inumin direct from the bottle? cute! 😍 and the foods are so yummy! How come na hindi po kayo tumatab madam sa mga food blogs mo? still sexy ey! 😍

  3. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Hindi pa ko naka-try ng kahit ano sa Coffee Bean. SB baby kasi 😂😂😂 ma-try nga minsan yan.

  4. Yanyan Ortsac

    Y super sexy pa din??how 2 be you madam??hehe.,,,,Now i know 4 days lang pala.,

  5. Zane Gruyal

    Wow 😋😋😋 Picture mo palang po masarap na madam. I really love coffee po. Lalo na if Ice Coffee sakto pag napakainit ng panahon. Coffee Bean talaga the best 👍🏻

  6. Jellai cn

    Coffee Bean baby forevs! <3 Though i haven't tried this new Cold brew coffee but ohh i'll definitely go and try it once i'll visit my favorite branch. I always go with my all time fave Ice blended drinks & latte paired with their Banana Chocolate Muffin or Linguine 🙂 I love CBLT since they have a cozy ambiance & they are not too crowded nor noisy so this is my go to place when i need to study while chilling out with my buddy. 🙂

  7. Yanyan Ortsac

    mmmmm nakakatakam.,Any yummy nung pasta..😍😍😍..

  8. Jobelle Morales

    sobrang love na love ko din mga blogs mo ms carizza kasi nakakarelate talaga ko, gaya nito coffee im not coffee lover. but sa blog mo parang gusto ko ng mag start uminom ng coffee mukang masarap e, natakam ako, then nagpagaaralan ko dn siya sa course ko sa industry hrm kasi ako salamat sarap nyan hehe

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