Yet another an extreme roller coaster ride. They say, things come and go but for SIAMESE, a lot of unexpected things came into our lives this year – and it’s only June! Good problems, actually, so I am not complaining (except for pimples). That only means we need to step up, do little more stretches and extract more creative juices from our brains. In fact, we recently executed more interesting designs for Monchet y Compania.


Ballet fan for ballet dancers and ballerinas at heart just like me.

manila-fame-3Coat dress from Forever 21 // Watch from XOXO // Shoes from Parisian

The second series of the Travel Fan, one of Monchet y Compania’s best sellers. The research process was pretty long but it was so much fun! We had to go to the museum to gather some materials and we discovered a lot about the golden times of Manila! I wish I lived in that era!


And the selfie fan! This was just a preview from Manila Fame last month but the whole Monchet y Compania and Casa Mercedes collection will be launched at the best craft fair in the country by August so watch out for it. 🙂

Finally, I was able to wear this beautiful floral coat on a perfect event. I got this few years ago from Forever 21 and I am glad it still fits me! I just thought it was too bright for a casual stroll in the mall or too fancy for an event. Whenever I see this one in my closet, I just had to pass and move on to the next hanged item. My problem now is that it’s too easy to remember and I don’t know if I can wear this again anytime soon. What other ways can I wear this coat dress? I guess, I have to be more creative next time!





8 responses to “Flora”

  1. IU love your floral coat po! sana bumagya din sakin ang ganyang suot hehe…I love those fans! napaka makulay naman at tlgang magugustuhan ng mga kabbabaihan yan! khit in this generations natin, andami pa rin naman tlgang gumagamit ng fan, kahit ako po, I chose fan tlga dalhin kapag nasa beach or gala mode ako hehe..

  2. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Nakita ko na naman yang pic mo sa selfie fan! 😂😂😂 napasecond look ako dyan nung pinost mo yan sa IG (tama ba o sa fb hihihi). With your coat dress, puede mo sya ideconstruct..check mo yung ginagawa ni Nicole Syjuco sa mga top nya.deconstructed pero ang ganda.

  3. Filipinas Dava

    Its my very first time to see a selfie fan, ang cute nya!!

  4. Yanyan Ortsac

    Aabangan ko yan sa August.,haha!!Ang nice nung selfie fan.,super cute then bumagay din xa sa outfit niyo mam.,Perfectly beautiful 😍😍😍.

  5. kathlyn santos

    Ayyy Love your floral coat! suits you very well ❤ tpos bumagay pa sa pinuntahan mo hihihi para kang Japaneese 😍 tawang tawa ko nung mkita ko ung picture with a selfie fan na yan sa IG 😂😂 the fact na nka peace sign si Mona Lisa sa selfie nya tapos naka duck face pa, e sumakto sa face ng may hawak ng fan 😂 gusto ko itry! hahaha

  6. Zane Gruyal

    Yey! Naview ko din po ung blogs mo madam. Now lang uli nagkawifi. Nag eenjoy po talaga ako everytime nagrereview ako ng blogs mo. Nakakakuha ako ng tips. Pero ganda mo dito madam. And yung floral coat mo po ang ganda! 😍 CAR-MONA is real 😍

  7. Frances Bernardo

    Perfect outfit! And that selfie fan is a hit! Makes me wanna take a selfie with it .

  8. Jobelle

    sobrang ganda nagmatch yung color ng floral dress mo Ms carizza sa hair color mo, hindi siya masakit sa mata .yung tipong mapap second look ka e. good job ms carizza:) and the fan parang japanese fan maganda din hehe

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