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Because I don’t doll up all the time. Normally, we wouldn’t have time to snap selfies or ootds but since the client wanted some ootd snaps during break time, I also asked Eton to take me photos of me as well.


I usually wear basic makeup for work. BB Cream, concealer, face powder, eyebrow, blush then lipstick and I am good to go. It’s important for us to go to work on time as much as possible and I only have about 15 minutes to fix myself in front of the mirror. No wastin’ of time yo. I now learned how to step outside of the house without eyeliner!


It’s not just about time. Since I go to work 5 times a week, sometimes 6 when we need to work on weekends, I make sure that I only apply little makeup so that my skin would still be able to breathe. I only complete my makeup look with foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, highlighter and contour when there are important meetings or events.


In this photo, we were working behind the lens so I just wore something comfy as I needed to move around the reflector and lights on different angles. When I say comfy, I go for Uniqlo top and skirt then Skechers shoes. Basics for work! It actually saved me a ton of time and undue stress in the morning. When I started doing this, I don’t hear myself saying “I have nothing to wear” anymore.

carizza-chua-4Top from Uniqlo // Skirt from Uniqlo // Shoes from Skechers


Whenever I wear basics for workweek, I can concentrate with work more. I don’t have to think a lot about the things going on my outfit. I don’t have to worry about familiar issues such as messy hair, greasy makeup, accessories that keep on banging the keyboard, or tired legs from wearing high heels. Sounds familiar? Is power dressing killing your productivity at work? Or is it the other way around? Share your thoughts down below.




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  1. Jellai cn

    I feel you Ms. Carizza! Basic makeup for a busy day & week makes everything in life just so easy. 10 mins make up, easy. Haha! Jk. Im just thankful na we have uniforms at work so it lessens the stress out of me everyday. Actually, kudos to those working girls like you who doesnt have uniforms at work. Just think about all the efforts on planning about what you’ll wear in the next days.. stressful! Hehe. But you know, comfort over style.. but i agree more to work over fashyown hehe 🙂

    1. Carizza

      Work on work week, fashion on weekends.

  2. Hazel Alvarez

    15 mins. lang ng pag aayos — I can totally relate haha! Before nung student pa ako, gusto ko sa work yung nasusuot ko yung gusto ko. But then sa laboratory ako nagwork kaya strict sa dress code. Kelangan comfy ang suot para madaling gumalaw. But I will always choose comfort over style 🙂

    1. Carizza

      Yaz! Work comfortably first, party later!

  3. Frances Bernardo

    Ojt pa lang ako but I can already feel the pressure in wearing business attire. Yung tipong I have to bring extra shoes that will make my feet comfortable at the end of the day.
    I hope to be like you in the to be a blogger and business owner 🙂

  4. Frances Bernardo

    Ojt pa lang ako but I can already feel the pressure in wearing business attire. Yung tipong I have to bring extra shoes that will make my feet comfortable at the end of the day.
    I hope to be like you in the future to be a blogger and business owner 🙂

    1. Carizza

      I used to bring slippers with me too so I could change after work haha

  5. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Nung nasa corporate world pa ko, hindi ako ganun kaproductive kapag naka-dress up kami kasi di sya comfortable, limitado yung galaw saka kelangan icheck mo frok time-to-time if maayos pa ba ang damit mo. Kaya everytime dress-down kami, naeenjoy ko talaga sya. Feeling ko para akong bata kasi free ako to move. Ngayon naman na full-time mom na ako, wala na halos time to prep myself kaya basics lang din ako. Comfy shirt, jeans, sneakers lagi attire ko pag aalis kami kasi lam mo naman pag nasa toddler stage na ang anak, kelangan ready ka lagi na maghabol habol. Then sa face, powder, lipstick at mascara (di ako makaalis ng walang mascara hehehe, part na sya ng systema ko) lang solve na ko..para wala hulas hulas kahit pawisan.. Btw, bagay sayo yung ganyang look! Happy Monday! Have a great week ahead.

    1. Carizza

      Omg same tayo. I just realized these things lately. Gosh I have more important things to think of than prepping up in the morning haha.

      1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy


  6. As a frontliner of our company, I really place importance to my physical appearance. Especially in make up to hide my scars and blemishes but when later on I tried to have facial, my face suddenly got clearer and I only need to put on BB Cushion or BB Cream then a mascara and lip and cheek tint and I am good to go. For the outfit naman, how I wish I have your body. I am so petite kasi so I always look for something that will widen my hips and to cover my thin arms hahaha.

  7. sherry ann gole cruz

    when i still working i feel the pressure of getting early just to fix myself,makeup and my hair,good thing we had uniform. I think even you dont wear makeup ms. carizza you’re still pretty and i always love your basic style..

  8. Joane Therese Vera

    I remember my OJT days where we have to wear high heels everyday for 9-10 hours depende pa if kailangan mag OT. How I wish we can wear sneakers at work haha but the good thing was we have a uniform since I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from…

    15-20 mins po kung mag ayos ako before then retouch na lang pag haggard na. (^_^)V

  9. Geraldine Santos

    Basic makeup, yes, since my face is so sensitive and doesn’t cooperate well with makeup. However, albeit we have a black-pants policy from Mon to Thursday, I still see to it that my top and shoes suits my mood of the day. I don’t mind wearing boots or stilletos as they boost my confidence and make me feel good about myself. hihi. Friday is wash day so I got to fully dress up the way I want to. 🙂

  10. Mariejoy

    Ganda po ng skirt nyo, I want one…ako nga po very simple din.. Press powder at maybelline matte lippie lang gora na..wala na kasing time but still my best makeup is my smile:), hehehe! My OOTD is tshirt & pants lang. Kasi confortable ako,pero gusto ko rin sana yung formal na nagpapalda at blouse yung firmal attire but then umiiwas ako sa mga workmates ko na matatalim ang tingin pagganda ng suot mo. Haist..mga insecure. Chaka wala din sguro akong self confidence to wear such outfit.:/

    1. Carizza

      I like that matatalim ang tingin phrase haha

  11. Jennifer Pasion

    Yes tama, tama ka Po dapat Po talaga laging on time sa pag pasok, ayaw na ayaw ko Po talaga akong malate dahil ayaw Kong makilala ako ng mga boss dahil sa pagka late.
    Brand Ambassador Po ako sa Mercury Drug kami Po Yung mga nag aalok sa mga customer para bumili at naka takong kami habang buong araw na naka tayo,my gosh sobrang nakakapagod Po kaya Naman nag babaon Po talaga ako ng slipper, minsan may hinahabol pang mga benta,
    Dahil Hindi Po ako naka tapos kaylangan ko Po mag pakitang gilas para laging may project on call lang Po Kasi kami, pag may event go, minsan Wala pa huhuh.

  12. Jennifer Pasion

    Oo nga Po pala Ang simple nga Po ng look nyo pag nakikita ko Po mga picture, peroo maganda Po bagal din Naman Po simple look.

  13. Work hard pero still have time to relax madam…Iwas stress and still do what you love to do, d ka dapat nilalayo ng work sa true self mo. It’s still your life, you made that decisions in yourself. As always, you look dolly naman madam hehe. Have a Great day madam!

  14. Jennifer Duran Timonel

    Kahit simple lang ang ganda nyo parin sis. Mas gusto ko nga mga ganito mong looks. Looks fresh and young.
    Ps: I do really love your hair color. 😍

  15. Marien April B. Andulana

    I feel you miss carizza, for a busy housewife and a mommy of two baby toddlers and currently pregnant of our third baby, a quick and simple make up is yes for me. Its perfect for me and i still choose it to be my everyday look. Simple yet elegant.

  16. Same here. I always feel uncomfy when I feel like my outfit doesn’t go with me or something’s wrong with the way I pair my sneakers to my dress. Haha! I’m inlove with your top and skirt by the way! <3


  17. Arleen Oboguin

    Super pretty nyopo kahit light lang ang make up. Akopo lippie lang ang nilalagay ko everyday pagpasok sa office other than that wala.napo. I actually have no idea kung paano po talaga maGmakeup.hihihi

  18. Francis

    Ka look alike nyo po talaga si Louise dito ma’am.

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