Thank you for the Birthday greetings!

It has been a crazy week at Siamese but I just had stop for a while to post this one and thank you all for the warm birthday greetings! I feel so loved and blessed to have you all, especially my family and friends. You made my day wonderful!


To the man who made me feel like a debutante today, thank you sooo much! He surprised me with a Sweet 16 two-tier cake! Why you spoil me so much? This is sooo extra!




He ordered it from Cakes by Miriam. He made sure there’s no chocolate content, just 100% pink, and that’s what the supplier delivered. Yay! Knows me so well. I like chocolate bars but anything chocolate-flavored is weirdly not my taste.


With strawberry cheesecake filling inside.


I’m so in love with this ombre ruffled cake but I also hate it at the same time ’cause it’s too pretty to eat! After fifty years, we finally figured out how to take it out of the box and slice. It has the perfect icing mix and strawberry flavor for each layer. How I wish I could keep it for weeks! This one made me sooo happy despite the busy and exhausting day at work. My gosh, I didn’t even had a time to comb my hair! XD

Call me workaholic but work is a blessing! I just can’t imagine going back to zero ’cause we really worked hard for this. And I thank everyone who helped us in this journey. We’re planning to take a few more steps before the year ends and I can’t wait for it to happen! As they say, work hard, party harder. 😉

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28 responses to “Thank you for the Birthday greetings!”

  1. Zane Gruyal

    Happy Birthday Pretty Doll. Godbless and all the best for you! Labyah! I will support you always. Thanks for sharing your blessings to us. Parang super sarap ng Cake mo madam. Hehe. Enjoy your day!

    1. Carizza

      Thanks Zane! How I wish I could send a slice to your address xD

  2. France escobar

    Happy happy birthday ms.carizza. I wish you all the best. More followers to come 🙂 You deserve all the blessing 🙂

    I love your cake 🙂 napakaganda po 🙂

    1. Carizza

      Thank you France!!!

  3. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

    Ang sweet naman nya!!! Super! At ang cake mo, ang ganda ganda talaga! Thanks for sharing this to us kahit super busy ka. Sana patuloy ka ibless with good health para magampanan mo maayos lahat ng task and responsibilities assigned to you! And may this year bring with it all the happiness that your heart desire. Happiest birthday to you again! Stay pretty doll. 😘

    1. Carizza

      Thanks Arselyn! Andaming projects (not blog related) and I am thankful for that. Blogging kasi is something I just do on the side. We have a design studio and I prioritize that kasi sobrang hirap magtayo ng own business at nakakaiyak ang tax.

      1. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy

        Hay.. Totoo yan, nakakaiyak talaga ang tax.. 😭😭 let’s just hope na sana mapunta sa mga dapat puntahan lahat ng taxes natin.

  4. Arleen Oboguin

    Ang sarap at ang ganda ganda po ng cake. Parang kayo po. Happy birthday po:) more blessings to come and of course stay pretty in pink po. Hehehe. Salamat po for being so generous because you always wantwd to share ur blessinga to us. 🙂 GOD bless u always

    1. Carizza

      Thank you Arleen! I won’t be able to finish everything naman so better share the items with my blog readers. Sometimes, I only swatch the items and make sure to finish what I’ve used first before opening a new pack for myself.

  5. Christina Amor Garcia

    Kapag ganyan itsura ng cake ang sarap pero parang nakakahinayang kainin sa sobrang ganda. Bagay na bagay sa’yo. 🙂 Same with you Ms. Carizza, I love chocolates but not on cakes.
    Happy birthday pretty doll! God bless you always.

    1. Carizza

      Thank you Christina! Kahit chocolate ice cream, I don’t like. But if it’s a chocolate bar ok lang XD

  6. Happy Birthday Ms. Carizza! The cake is so pretty in pink! 🎂🎂🎂

    1. Carizza

      Thanks Liezl!!!

  7. Happiest birthday to you Ms. Carizza. More cakes to blow and more blessings to come. At sobrang ganda po ng cake as in. So happy po for you.

    1. Carizza

      Thank you Sheena!!!!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday sau ganda! Stay Happy, Loved and Strong and Healthy! kasi padami ng padami po kaming mga supporters mo madam! More naiinspired po saiyong Blog and kawaii stuffs and hobbies! Your profile as a Blogger and as you is really a cute, very nakakag-girl and nakaka approach ng good vibes lang! I love how you manage to take care of yourself, your needs and wants at the same time! Stay what and who you are po, I love you, you know that and I’ll always be here to support you, to look out for your new reviews and good news or bad man yan, keep it up! Fight!

    1. Carizza

      Thanks Sam! Because of busy work schedule, I don’t have time na tuloy to post in my blog. Huhu

  9. Joane Therese Vera

    Happy Birthday ♥ Wishing you to have a good health, more blessings to come and a happy life.


    The ruffled cake looks so yummy ( ´艸`) Pink = kawaii.

    1. Carizza

      Thank you Joane! <3

  10. Jellai cn

    The struggle when you received an uber kawaii cake, if only pwede lang di galawin. TEHEHE. Yayyy! Happiest birthday pretty doll! May you have more blessings in life and may all the desires and dreams of your little pink heart do come true! And of course, good health as always! We may not know each other personally but we– your followers, will always be here to support you no matter what. 🙂 Stay fab, awesome and continue to inspire us, Ms. Carizza! To more kawaii overload OOTDs and make up swatches to come! <3

    1. Carizza

      Thank you! Hope to meet you in person soon 🙂

  11. Mariejoy

    Belated happy birthday po..Napaganda po ng cake simple lang pero ang gandang idesplay…hehehe!May Godbless you & your fam. , I wish you more kaprettyhan & Goodhealth♡♥♡…hehehe!

  12. Hazel Alvarez

    Wow super cute po ng cake 🙂 Ako naman I love pink but I don’t like strawberry haha! Btw belated happy birthday! Wishing you all the best things in life! May God shower you with more blessings. Continue what you do best and keep inspiring us 🙂

  13. Frances Bernardo

    Pretty pink! Oh I bet that cake tastes sweeter 😀
    I always visit your blog whenever I have free time. Mej busy din just like you. I am graduating na kasi, thesis and all that are so stressful haha. But I super enjoy reading all your entries. Nakakawala ng stress and sobrang good vibes!
    Keep on inspiring pretty dolly!

  14. Jennifer Pasion

    Hi Ms. Lady In Pink so ganda Po ng cake mo nakakaingit, sana maka receive din ako ng ganyan cake sa Birthday ko, super interesting Yung look ng cake lalo na Yung loob. Yum yum
    I can’t believe na isa ka pong workaholic take din Po ng vitamins para laging healthy.
    Happy Birthday Po ulit.

  15. Saharatunesah tomawis

    Belated happy birthday to you ate! I know it’s too late but well it’s better than never. Wishing you to have more birthdays to celebrate, more supporters and the bestest of all. God bless. Hope you enjoyed ur birthday.

  16. Francis

    It’s better to be late than never. Belated happy birthday 🎈🎊🎉 🎂 ma’am.

  17. Chini Tiongco

    So sweet naman! <3
    The cake looks so yummy!

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