A Look Back at 2017 with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal

I can’t believe this year is about to end. Looking back, it seems like 2017 was a wonderful year for me. A year filled with blessings from work, family and friends. At some point, I had to look back in my planner to scan through all the important details that happened this year. It was all written in my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner and I am so glad that they sent this new #2018GivingJournal as a Christmas present for me so I could fill it again with happy memories next year! Thank you so much Coffee Bean!


This year has been tough. I thought I was already mature enough when I was paying the bills and taxes. Never did I imagine that I, the bunso, would take on more responsibilities in the family and take care of everyone. My sister had been depressed and I had to take care of her but it wasn’t easy especially when you have a senior mom at home. My head was filled with worries and fear. At some point, I felt that I was going to break into pieces as well. Nakakahawa pala ang depression. Thanks to my very supportive and understanding boyfriend for always being there for me. For taking over at work when I couldn’t think properly. And for keeping me strong when I was about to give up. We found a good doctor and so far my sister is doing well. Doing better and better everyday. Thanks Doc for taking care of my sister and for also making me feel at ease as well. It was a roller coaster ride for the first quarter and I can never thank the Lord enough, for all He has done for us.


This year, we also had Kesha spayed. She’s the dog we rescued last year at the dog pound. After castration, she became an energetic and extremely happy dog. And she also helps lower stress in our home. Last October, she joined Scaredy Cats and Dogs which was organized by PAWS and won the Halim-Aw-Aw award, the best Aspin (asong pinoy) of the night! My sister and my mom are so happy and proud!


With everything that happened, physically, mentally and emotionally, I just can’t turn a blind eye to a stray kitten who was trying to cross the street one morning while we were on the way to work. He was not moving and we thought he was already dead. Thank you mbal for letting me rescue another one. We named him Tipsy.


Work is always stressful. I can’t enumerate one by one but everything is fine at SIAMESE. I’m used to business problems and I am confident that we can overcome any crisis at work. God is good. In fact, SIAMESE is growing. We’ve accomplished a lot this year and we’re happy to be part of many successes in the art scene. And we can’t wait for more! Now that I have plans for next year, can I fill up my planner already?



Capped off the night with a warm cup of Double Chocolate Raspberry for my sister and Blueberry Latte for Eton. Cheers!


Paired with our favorite Sardine and Garlic Linguine!!!


Thinking about all the plans, I’m sure my 2018 will be full! I promise that despite of my busy schedule at work, with my family and my pets, I will still fill this blog with a lot of beauty discoveries and share it with you! I’ve given away a lot this year ha! Especially from Maybelline and Cathy Doll. Next year, there’d be more! I promise! Happy new year everyone!

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  1. monalisa bio

    Ang gnda ng planner nila aq din mern planner n for 2018 at 1st time ko mgakroon ng real planner book hndi lng basta2 notebook lng n ginwa ko n nilgyn ng mga lines. Kaya mas lalo tuly aqng gingnhan n start ang year ko n very prodctve. Grbe pla yan pingdaanan nio especially s family, me din mhirp madepressed, I experience yan ng mwala ang baby ko at thankful aq s support group ko, my husbnd and my family, mahirp sa akin, sa amin laht pero s tulong po ni Papa God at s love ng mga taong nkapaligid sa akin na overcome ko xa at now I’m happy with my baby, totoo n pg my natapos o ng close door s buhay natin, may parting n mas magnda at exciting…very unexpected s buhay natin. Btw po ang cute ng mga alaga nio po nakakatuwa they have a new home n mgbibigy s knila ng love and care n hndi naibgy s knila properly. Ang sarp ng food nakakagutom…hehehe I think klngn k n din mgbreakfst dhil s nkita ko khit s pictures lng nagutom at natakam aq s nkita ko. Superwoman k Ms. Carizza, despite s busy life mo, un can do this blogging, sharing your insights s kagay ko…well looking forward for more…naiispoiled n aq! lol Happy New Year and hoping n this 2018 mkita kita s personal, love you po!!!

  2. Lovell Compoc

    waaaahhhh dami ko sinalihang giveaway for this planner hhahha looks maganda to use 😍

  3. Andami mo po palang pinagdaanan last 2017 madam ah..buti po nakaya mo lahat, well i know you can po kasi you’re a tough woman po! No matter how hard life throws at us, as long as may nagmamahal sa atin, we are not alone, especially God is with us at all times po. Ang galing mo po kasi andami mo po palang work! Not just sa work mo po ha pati po pala sa bahay ninyo, sa family mo po, wow! Bilib ako saiyo madam! and khit gaano kabigat ung prob mo ay blooming ka pa din palagi ha, how to be you po? Hehe..well this year will be more great saiyong life po, wag ka lng po susuko! Andito po kaming mga supporters mo po forever! 😘😘😘
    Hqppy New Year Ganda!

  4. Chini Tiongco

    Mine is a Mercury Suki Planner! hehehe

    P.S. Such a kind heart Miss Carizza <3 #BloggerWithaHeart

  5. Glad to know everything went well with you and your fam Ms. Carizza. There’s always rainbow 🌈 after the rain. Love the color of your dog! I think your cat is so clingy. 😂❤️

  6. Cristel P. Ocampo

    Hello carizza😊
    I read one of your blog about A Look Back at 2017 with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal. 😊 You know what your such a good daughter and sibling. I hope my daughter would be like you when I get old. You have a big heart to your family. You’re a sweet,responsible and a loving daughter. I’m glad that your sister is getting better now. She can overcome those depression just always pray and think positive though sometimes life is hard just always find something or be with someone that keeps you motivated. By the way you have a cute fur babies ,kesha and tipsy 🐶🐱 I enjoyed reading your blog 😊💜

    1. Carizza

      Thank you for the sweet message, Cristel. I am sure your daughter will take good care of you too when she grows old. 🙂

  7. Rachelle Factor

    Looking back sa 2017.. hmmm. Masasabi kong mas naging okay yung financial namin kesa noon 2016, kasi ngayong 2017 mas naging healthy kami ng family ko. Di na kami palaging nagkakasakit di tulad noong 2016 halos every month maysakit anak ko.. Hirap noon para sa akin nakikita ko anak ko nahihirapan sa sakit nya.. Kaya Goals ko.noon healthy palagi kakainin namin.. Kasi health is wealth.

    Nov 2017 nag ampon kami ng puppy.. Name nya Lloydie. Napansin ko nun nag alaga ako ng puppy na rerelieve ang stress ko everyday.. 😊😊 Actually mas prefer ko tlaga cat kesa s dog.. Kaya lang daming stray cat sa labas ng bahay namin..

    Love love this blog 😙😙

    1. Carizza

      Glad to know your family is doing well. Thanks for adopting a dog. Treat him as a member of the family! As for the strays, you may do a TNR program around your area or bring them to PPBCC Mandaluyong for spay/neuter at a lower rate. Kapon ang solusyon!

  8. Elena Santiago Acosta

    It was so amazing that inspite of your busy schedule you have this “big heart” for those animals. You were such a very compassionate lady. Well I thik that planner will really help you to manage everything!

  9. Angie anievas soledad

    Andami nu po napagdaanan sa buhay.. ganun po tlaga ata ang buhay masaya na malungkot aq po minsan my time na super depress sa buhay as a full time mom lhat ng Gawain d2 S bahay aq gumagawa minsan pahinga q lang pgmatutulog na nggabi sa dami ng ggawin hindi q na alam kong alin ang uunahin.. pero Hindi aq nanawalan ng pagasa at sa awa ng panginoon lhat nakakayanan q para sa mga anak… kya minsan pgmytime nghhanap aq ng mga blog na pwd q basahin pangpatanggal stress and nakukuhanan q ng informasyon khit nasa bahay lang aq mynatutunan aq Lalo na d2 sa sosyal media… thank you po sa pgshare ng life story nu.. wgka po mgalala nanjan lang c papa god na Handang umalalay sau.. god is good… godbless u always and take care always😍❤️😘

  10. First time to see their planner and ang cute pala. Will defo get one for next year.

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