Photodiary: Art Basel 2018


Culture-lovers, get ready for another art-filled post. It’s our first time to get our heads around Art Basel in Hong Kong. Since most of our works at Siamese are art-related, we thought it’s best to explore Basel and be more inspired. Art Basel is an art fair which presents modern and contemporary art to collectors, curators, art enthusiasts, museum directors and of course, the public, making art accessible to everyone.


It’s the biggest art fair I’ve been so far with over a hundred galleries showcasing different artworks and presenting artists from all over the world. So we purchased our tickets online (they have early bird rates) and claimed it at a music store in Hong Kong.

Lady Dior


Chun Kwang Young
Aggregation 17-JL040 (Star 14)
Mixed media with Korean mulberry paper


Cat Olympics
Nobuaki Takekawa
OTA Fine Arts

The sponsors on the field and posters on the wall were all on point!


Another favorite is this portrait by Nicolas Party from The Moden Institute / Toby Wenster Ltd gallery.




Fascinated by these photographs of flower vendors…


Mark Ryden’s wonderland at Kasmin Gallery is interesting too.



And now, everyone’s favorite and one of the fair’s highlights:


Liminal Air Space-TIme 2018
Shinji Ohmaki


Jeff Koons’ ball series used some of the masterpieces from art history and paired it with a reflective, cobalt blue gazing balls. This activity wherein viewers can see themselves while appreciating the prints/sculptures shows how art history meets pop culture.




Takashi Murakami & Virgil Abloh
Acrylic on canvas mounted on aluminum frame

art-basel-15Cover up from Zara | Top and skirt from ASOS | Shoes from Ca Cha

The fair was so huge that one day isn’t enough to appreciate all artworks. How I wish we could make this a yearly habit!




8 responses to “Photodiary: Art Basel 2018”

  1. divine labbuanan-cabral

    Wow!!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Love Compoc

    That liminal air space nahihiwagaan ako, sa mga nakaka gets ng art talaga lahat yan may deep meaning. Ang ganda lahat po. And for sure mas bet mo din ang cat olympics😉😍

    1. Carizza

      Yes, if only it’s more polished..

  3. Queen A

    I dont know why sometimes ung mga art portraits gives me goosebumps. But these are amazing. Hope i can visit it too 😄

    1. Carizza

      Because sometimes, they look into your eyes…

  4. Ely Bantugan

    those artworks are indeed fascinating. Id like to see it in person kasi sa picture palang nakkaamahanga na.

  5. Jhake O.

    Mark Ryden’s artwork are fascinating! I would love to see those personally.

  6. I love how you were able to artistically capture these beautiful artworks.

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