Cutting Down My Shopping Addiction


I was an impulsive shopper. I never met a pink skirt I didn’t like. The moment I see something nice on the rack, I used to purchase it without even fitting it. I’d also been splurging because I’d been abusing the I-need-an-outfit-for-this-event card. I cannot even count the sleepless nights scanning through online groups and apps for brand new clothes with marked down prices. Although I sell the clothes after a few months on my rack, I didn’t want to become a hoarder and of course, I want to save up too so I decided to do something about this shopping addiction: I wasn’t going to spend money on clothes for the next six months.


Surprisingly, I’m almost done with my self-struck six-month deal, and so far I am saving a lot, my closet is more organized, and more importantly, I feel a lot better about myself.



Choosing an outfit in under five minutes is now a regular thing and I feel that I am more productive at work. I feel lighter and happier! I can almost shop again but I’ve decided to extend this shopping ban and just do window shopping for now especially that things in HK can be quite expensive.



But first, will take a break… Ice cream and tea time at Häagen-Dazs!



If you’re also in a shopping ban, carry a camera (or your phone), not your wallet. Just take photos around!


This one is super cute!


If you’re also cutting down your shopping habits, bring enough cash with you and forget about your cards. Shopping places wherein you can’t use your credit card would help too.

Also found these one of a kind accessories!


I’m into Stella Lou lately and these really caught my attention! But no, I am not getting anything. Haha!



Hope you enjoyed viewing my snaps from the mall. How do you beat impulsive shopping? Do you enjoy window shopping too?

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15 responses to “Cutting Down My Shopping Addiction”

  1. Love Compoc

    ay true yan, college days ko purchase before fitting. i dont usually do fitting sa mga fitting rooms basta pag like ko then buy. That was years ago😂 As a mom, i dnt easily purchase I WANT, i have this habit na if i want it il just stare then fit and take a pic hahhaha and am done..I need to save a lot for the kids.

    1. Carizza

      True! And I sometimes pursuade my sister to buy it then borrow it from her hahaha

  2. Love Compoc

    that instead of wallet, bring camera what a nice idea Ms Carizza.😄😍

    1. Carizza

      Kuripot tips!

  3. Jhake O.

    I enjoy window shopping too! And since I became a mom, I seldom buy things for myself but for my daughter- I wouldn’t think twice and grab atleast two colors of each item haha!

    1. Carizza

      Haha because kids’ clothes are too cute!

  4. I haven’t combat my impulsive shopping tendency yet and I am considering this step that you made by not spending on clothes or any material things in a certain period of time. I hope it works for me.

    1. Carizza

      Update me! 😀

  5. divine labbuanan-cabral

    ang sarap naman talagang mag window shopping😁😁😁 masarap din pag yung suot mo simple pero comfortable kanaman❤❤❤👍👍

    1. Carizza

      We don’t always have to BUY what we want, right? Pwede namang sukat lang haha

  6. This gave me Rebecca Bloomwood vibes nung mag eend na ang movie haha! Hmm… I’m having this problem too pero with makeup naman. Ang dami ko ng pink lipstick parang lahat ng lippies ko pink. Can someone arrest pink!

    Skin Whitening Philippines Ultimate Guide

  7. Mariejoy

    I’m Certified Window Shopper po. Hahaha! Kung Bibili ako ng gusto pinag-iisipan ko talaga many times. At kung andon na ako namimili. It took me 20 mins. more sa pag busisi bago ko ilapag sa counter. At minsan di ko talaga bibilhin kahit gusto kona. Ang ending Magsisi na ako pag-uwi. #Kuripotfeels

    1. Carizza

      Buti ka pa. I’m trying! Usually kasi kakaakyat ko lang ng escalator then may naspot akong skirt, diretso na sa counter, wala ng fitting hahaha

  8. “Such a lovely lady! Your outfit it so dang beautiful hehe 🙂

    1. Carizza

      Thank you Anna!

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