Eco-friendly and Cute Shampoo Bars from Caticorn Dreams

More and more people are making the switch and are choosing a sustainable lifestyle. I love it when beauty brands are also doing their part by offering low-waste packaging or less harmful ingredients in their products. Have you thought about your beauty bottles like your shampoo? Well, normally, liquid shampoos come in plastic sachets and bottles and we just throw them away once they’re empty. Make a switch today and use sustainable shampoo bars. Each bar can outlast three bottles of shampoo, and they come with almost zero packaging. Shampoo bars are a good alternative for sensitive scalps. Most of these shampoo bars are packed with essential oils and natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re too strong for your delicate hair. Since only the foam is applied directly to the hair and scalp, the risk of irritation is very low. And just because I’m feeling a little extra, I chose a shampoo bar that’s sustainable and super cute at the same! Mine is from Caticorn Dreams!

caticorn-dreams-shampoo-bar-2(Bubblegum Pop Shampoo Heart and Honeydew Melon Shampoo Bar)

These SLS-free Shampoo bars from Caticorn Dreams care for your scalp and the environment. It has mild coco-derived sufractants to give you the same foamy wash sans sulfates (No lye content!). It is specifically created with the pH level needed by your hair to become bouncy and smooth and its Anti-Frizz conditioning complex makes it unique from all the other shampoo bars you see in the market.

caticorn-dreams-shampoo-bar-3P350 each

Looks like candy, huh? It smells like one too! It’s also so handy, you can literally slip it in your purse and take it wherever you want.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal: Intense Cleanse & Control for dandruff and flaky scalp (black cube)
️Sweet Orange: Strong and Long (orange cube)
️Honeydew Melon: Tame the Frizz (green cube)
Secret Garden: Pure Moisture which is a mix of pomegranate, Ylang Ylang, apple blossom, and peach (purple heart)
Bubblegum Pop: Fun & Youthful (blue heart)
Strawberry Lemonade: Smooth & Bounce (pink heart)
Green Tea Mint: Refresh & Relax (green heart)

caticorn-dreams-shampoo-bar-1(Strawberry Lemonade)

How to use:
1. Detangle and section your hair
2. Rinse your hair with water
3. Rub the shampoo bar between your hands to form a lather
4. Apply lather to sectioned hair focusing on your roots and scalp.
5. Repeat until complete.
6. Rinse thoroughly

Store your shampoo bar in a tin or case and place it in a cool dry place.

All good for any hair type. These shampoo bars can make any type of hair behave its best in just one wash. Caticorn Dreams Shampoo Bars are sustainably sourced, naturally-derived and none of their bars leave a trace on the environment! Cute and highly recommended!

For orders or more information, follow them on Facebook, Instagram or at Shopee @caticorndreams!

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  1. Love Compoc

    wow sakto eto for Christmas na gift Ms Carizza Thanks for posting bout this🤗 Ang sosyal nya panregalo at masarap gamitin kasi mabango☺

  2. Filipinas E Dava

    Whoever invented these shampoo bars are so cool!! Grabeng advance mag isip and also very good to our environment!! Hope maraming matry gawain ang ganto para mdami din matulungan👍

    1. Carizza

      Yes, and very affordable too!

  3. Ang cute naman parang nakakapanghinayang gamitin haha <3

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