Everyone’s going virtual so we’re busy putting up online platforms for businesses at Siamese and I kinda neglected this blog for a while. My tita and one of my recent rescue, Covi, also passed away as well and it was challenging physically and emotionally because of the pandemic. Last year, I helped with tita’s hospitalization from bringing her to the emergency room, to transferring of hospitals up to manually pumping oxygen using a cpr mask. We did everything and prayed so hard to extend her life. God is good but I think He needed her back this time. So for the last time, I processed the documents and papers needed before her cremation.

Covi, on the other hand, was rescued before the lockdown last March. He had cat flu and his eyes and nose were clogged. I thought he wouldn’t survive on the streets once the lockdown starts so we picked him up. He was able to recover after a few weeks and he instantly became our little sunshine during the quarantine. Very kengkoy and adorable. After a few months, he suddenly felt ill and was diagnosed with FIP. After a week of confinement, the vet suggested to put him to sleep already. Soon as I arrived at the clinic, I saw excitement in his eyes but after a few minutes, he passed away while lying on my arm. I think he just waited for me. It’s so painful to lose a rescued pet because I once saved its life. But a part of me says at least, they die knowing that someone loved and cared for them. And I’d be waiting for the day that I would meet them all at the rainbow bridge once again. All these happened in a week. Sorry for the sad post. Holo. One day, it will stop.




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