Out of the Woods

After my 2nd dose of vaccine, I had runny nose, headache, chills then I suddenly lost my sense of smell and taste. Yikes! So I had my swab tests done and it felt so weird (but thankful 🙏🏻) to see negative results! Must be the vaccine side effect. Whew! I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, regardless of the brand, while it is available and equitably distributed. Side effects may differ from person to person, sometimes no side effects at all, but better than having covid!

Now that I am back, I can finally go back to work at Siamese, blog, review and experiment with makeup and play dress up!

Oversized top from Stylenanda | Skirt from Liz Lisa | Shoes from Fila

During the pandemic, with quarantine being imposed, virtual window shopping and the actual online shopping has become my favoured pastime. I do online shopping for beauty items, trendy clothes and home essentials. I cannot even count how many items I have added in my cart and wishlist! I miss shopping at the mall and attending fairs! It’s supposed to be MaArte season already. 🙁 It’s an annual fundraising event of MFPI wherein they showcase works of talented Filipino artisans and small business owners from across the country. Last year, they pushed through digitally via Zalora. I bought my Belen Negros hand woven shawl by Creative Definitions there! I use it often for my room or product styling.

This pretty Very Berry cake is from Binge Cakes by Anne.

I also have to update my wardrobe and it’s always good to do it online at Zalora. There are so many brands to choose from. I usually look at products online, add my faves to my wishlist and wait two days before actually going through with the purchase. Big decision yarn?

Or sometimes, I just gawk at the products without actually buying anything aka virtual online shopping. Like from 30+ items, it gets trimmed to 2 or 3-item purchase at a time. Because honestly, online shopping is so addicting! It takes me away from the stress of work and coronavirus. Do you feel the same?

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11 responses to “Out of the Woods”

  1. Angelie Namindang

    Yay.. Congrats madam.. Me too fully vaccinated na rin po.. So far naman wala po ako naramdaman after noong vaccine.. But still we need to follow the protocol..

  2. Gladys Ann Erandio

    Yayyy , complete vaccine nadin . Apir !
    Congrats sa’tin 😊

  3. Dain Saints

    Fully vaxxed na rin here, Ate. Congrats po! Stay safe pa rin po. 💜

    1. Carizza

      Yay congrats to us!

      1. Amelia lacson

        Congratulation ms.carriza let protec each other po❤️❤️

  4. Love Compoc

    Ay oo nga pala Ms Carizza, isa yang MaArte event / openhouse na sinusuportahan mo at bet ko din sa dami ng local good finds pero oks narin coz products are available sa Zalora naman.
    Kudos for taking the chance so we can all go back to normal, effect lang tlga un ng vax and glad you’re okay na.
    Andaming ganaps ang namiss natin lahat but grateful narin at safe tayo.
    Relate din sa i find joy pag adding to cart and after days nababawasan ko sila at laglag sa list😹 more on mga needs lang din talaga sakin.

  5. Micah Louise

    Yay for getting 2nd dose!!

    1. Carizza


  6. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    Congrats, Doll – You are now fully vaxed!

    Me too, I am fully vaxed. I was waiting for my company as they will be giving Moderna vaccines to us but in Q4 pa. Me and my family can’t wait. kaya I agree with you to get vaccinated regardless the brand. whatever is available because vaccine is what is available.

    And, I agree too. online shopping is addicting. But, I need to manage my purchases so it is really like you – I have learned the art of ‘carting’ and then trimmed it down to 2-4 items per purchase.

    Stay safe and well! Stay glamorous!

    1. Carizza

      I’m glad to hear that. More and more people are getting vaccinated 😀

  7. Amelia lacson

    Wow congratulations mis carriza me too fully vaccinated na din po let help and protect each other po😊😊

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