Pedigree Puppy Kit: Pup-Packed Heart’s Day Gift For Your Furry Date

Guess who’s clingy? Kesha went on a weekend vacation with my sister and when she came back home and saw me, she turned into a velcro dog once again. We’re best buddies! I prepared for her arrival and ordered a pup-packed Heart’s Day Gift for my furry date on Shopee! If you have a small dog or a puppy, it’s actually the best time to order doggy treats and try the newest Pedigree Puppy Kit!

This Shopee Exclusive Pedigree Small Breed Puppy Kit includes:

PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Puppy Chicken Liver and Egg With Vegetable 80 g 6 Pouch: Helps maintain dog bone health, strength, and builds proper digestion and nutrition needed for dogs.

PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats Puppy 56g: Scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of tartar by up to 80% and supports gum health for dogs.

Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Mini Milk 1.3Kg: Contains DHA for brain development, Fiber for healthy digestion, and Calcium for growth development.

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