Coxir Black Snail Collagen Toner

I am very excited to try this Coxir Black Snail Collagen Toner because number one, it is from a Korean skincare brand and this is my first time to try a product from them, two, it has no alcohol content and three, it is said to improve the skin texture after every use. I’ve heard good reviews about their Hyaluronic Cleansing Oil before so I was giddy when I got a chance to try this toner.

Regular price: P1430 for 150ml bottle

This toner is a deeply hydrating toner that contains snail mucin, collagen and black bean extract. These ingredients are proven to improve skins texture and achieve a natural, healthy glow.

It has quickly absorbing and watery formula that goes through your skin quickly. It’s lightweight as if you are just tapping water on your skin. Even if it has a snail mucin ingredient, there’s no sticky feeling after use! And the good thing is this toner works well on every skin type, from dry to combination skin.

How to use: After washing your face, you can apply this product with your hands or with the help of a cotton pad. I prefer tapping the liquid product with my hands gently.

With regular use, expect improvement on skin condition, soothing, improving skin tone, smoothing the skin texture, hydrating and controlling the balance between oil and moisture.

Day 3 with Coxir Black Snail Collagen Toner

This works very well on my recently drying and aging skin. My face feels really fresh and moisturized after application. Now that I think about it, I am eager to get the full line from serum, emulsion, face cream and eye cream. If you are interested to try the toner too, you can shop it here:

Coxir is a cruelty-free brand and they do not test their products on animals or any living organisms. It is also hypoallergenic / dermatologist tested, paraben-free and uses only EWG Green level ingredients. That’s why it goes straight to my beauty kit together with a few low-molecular fish collagen sticks! I highly recommend it! If you are looking for a toner upgrade – this must be it! Available on Shopee!

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