Carefree empowers women to take charge of their intimate care

If there is one lesson that Filipinos took away from the extended lockdown, it is the importance of maintaining our general health. During the peak of the pandemic, many of us experienced sudden changes in our routines. It was also during this time that we realized the importance of prioritizing physical health and self-care. For Filipinas, one form of self-care that has become more popular and important is intimate care or taking good care of their vaginal health.

With the increase in mobility and return of social activities, how can Filipinas take proper intimate care and practice good vaginal health – dealing with daily discharge, wetness, and odor management – while they are out and about?

According to Dr. Mary Ann Ceferina Gonzaga, an OBGYN practitioner, vaginal health can be managed by taking care of your overall health. This means eating healthy, having regular exercise, ensuring that you are well hydrated, sleeping well, and avoiding stressful activities. “Vaginal health is an important part of a woman’s overall health. It is important to maintain a healthy vulva and vagina to help prevent infections, discomfort, and to prevent the stress that comes with relationship problems and one’s self-confidence. If your vagina and intimate areas are healthy, you are more comfortable and confident which can equate to a better quality of life for women, their partners, and their families.” She also added how women can properly take care of their vaginal health, “Proper hygiene by keeping the intimate area clean, fresh, and dry is key in taking care of your vagina. We recommend using water and a natural mild soap or wash for cleaning, and using a natural, thin, light, comfortable, cotton, hypoallergenic pantyliners to keep women dry the whole day.”

Carefree, the number one pantyliner brand in the Philippines, believes that it is high time for women to start taking charge of their vaginal health now as they go out more. Through an online campaign called the #CarefreePantyLove Movement, Carefree aims to spark conversations in helping women keep their intimate area fresh all day, one clean panty at a time with Carefree pantyliners.

Carefree also tapped a new brand ambassador, Rei Germar, who embodies what it means to be Carefree fresh and clean. Rei shares how she practices #CarefreePantyLove by demonstrating to her followers how to keep her panties clean and fresh from wetness and odor by using Carefree pantyliners.

“I am a big believer of self-care and one of the ways I take care of myself is by making sure that even my most intimate areas are properly taken cared of. Now that I am going out more because of work and personal activities, I don’t want that icky feeling of vaginal discharge and having to worry about odor get in my way. With Carefree, I get to show #CarefreePantyLove by keeping my panties fresh and clean!” Rei Germar, content creator and Carefree ambassador.

“Now that women are starting to go out more, Carefree wants to empower every woman to take charge of their intimate care. With Carefree Breathable pantyliner, we want women to keep their panties feeling fresh all day, so they do not have to worry about wetness and odor when they do their daily activities,” Jason Khu, senior brand manager for Carefree.

Carefree has a wide portfolio of pantyliners that is customized for every woman’s need.

Carefree Breathable provides better air circulation to maintain that fresh panty feel all day. It is 3x more breathable (vs Carefree Super Dry) allowing air to circulate so your skin can breathe. It is cotton soft that provides superior comfort on skin.

Carefree Super Dry keeps you feeling fresh and dry from heavy daily discharge. It has moisture proof backing technology to prevent leakage and keep you dry and odor-free all day. Carefree Super Dry is designed with body shape contour for a close and comfortable fit. It is also made with cottony soft cover for maximum freshness. To add, Carefree Super Dry contains natural plant extract to help neutralize any odor causing bacteria.

Carefree Healthy Fresh gives you up to 8-hour odor and germ control with natural tea tree extract to control the growth of odor causing bacteria.

To know more about the Carefree #PantyLove Movement visit and follow our social media accounts at and on Instagram and Titkok. Carefree pantyliners are also available in all leading supermarket and drugstore nationwide as well as on official Johnson & Johnson Philippines Shopee and Lazada pages.

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