Treat Youself Like Someone You Love With Beauty Architect

Due to the work-from-home setup, I have completely forgotten how to apply my makeup properly. Can’t blame myself. It’s comfortable to walk around the house without makeup! But there are times when I still need to bring out my best self, especially during events and special occasions. And I am happy to discover Beauty Architect makeup brushes, specifically made for someone like me, that eventually became my first step in becoming a Beauty Architect!

Beauty Architect makeup tools are crafted with utmost precision and unwavering attention to detail. The premium touch feeling is what sets them apart when you touch the bristles. It’s super soft and light.

P1,880 per 6-piece set

The set includes a powder brush, foundation, eyebrow, small angled and blending brush. Every brush is crafted by hand with love and care to ensure perfection. This showcases the incredible artistry and attention to detail put into each one. Sure, there’s a lot you can do with your fingers and a makeup sponge, but time-wise and when it comes to full coverage makeup, using professional makeup tools give better output quickly.

Also, these brushes are suitable for all skin types, hypoallergenic, and ensure comfortable makeup application while minimizing irritation risk.

These brushes are completely cruelty-free and vegan-approved, with absolutely no animal-derived materials included. Perfect tools for achieving flawless makeup looks with ease and confidence. I recommend investing in premium brushes and make a positive impact on the beauty world while looking and feeling your best. My most used brushes in this set are the small angled and blending brush. Their bristles made it easy to get around my nose and under my eyes and I concentrate on those areas most of the time. All available on Shopee!

Aside from the makeup brushes, I am also thrilled to receive these super cute press-on nail art from Nail Arté.

Do you love press-on nails? Nail Arte has stunning variety of 3D designs that will transform your nails into works of art, all while being gentle on your natural nails.

I have tried all those cheap and ordinary press-on nails on Shopee but sadly, they just break easily, turn yellowish quickly or the adhesives doesn’t stick well on nails.

Nail Arté designs have the perfect length for my hands that’s shortish length but long enough to still make my hand look slim and sexy. It can be trimmed according to your preference and still look and feel natural when worn.

The best part, really, is you can do it on your own! Yup, bid farewell to time-consuming salon appointments and welcome the era of stunning nails in the convenience of your own home. Also available on Shopee!

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  1. Roxane Montierro

    I really want to learn how to apply make-up and I know that it starts with the right make-up tool. Thank you for sharing, Ms. Carizza. I will definitely grab one. For the nail arte, my daughter will definitely love this.

    Cheers and all good, Ms. Carizza.

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