Meet my eldest doll, Kestner! A darling size at 18″ tall, she’s probably a late 1800’s doll with a 143 bisque head mold and fully jointed body. I am not really sure about the date but based on research, Kestner began using mold numbers in 1892. The company closed its doors in 1938, twenty years after Adolf Kestner passed away.


I got her only last year from a serious antique doll collector in the U.S. so there are no major flaws except for “aging”. I am so glad to have this mold in a very good condition. 143 is such a pretty Kestner face! With thick eyebrows, open mouth and no eyelashes. Truly, a dream come true for me!


For the night, I wore a velvety maroon dress from Korea paired with pearl earrings for a classic glamour touch. This dress is heavy! Hahaha! I love it though!


Paired it with a glittering pair of shoes I bought online. Still amazed with the ombre details.

kestner-doll-7a  kestner-doll-2

It’s a peaceful Halloween this year and off to bed we go.

Good night!

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13 thoughts on “Kestner

  1. Seems like mother and daughter kayo, same color of hair. Minsan nakakatakot din magkaroon ng doll, (I’m not scaring you! haha) lalo na yung mga antique because it means marami ng nag alaga sa kanila before na sometimes na aadopt nila ang mga nangyari.
    P.S. Bet ko amng color ng hair mo Ms. Carizza, may I know what color is that and what brand did you use? bagay siya sayo, nainggit ako hihi.

    1. DIY hair bleaching and color. Will post it soon. Yes, I am fascinated with 2nd hand dolls. Yun nga ang gusto ko, they have stories to tell from their previous owners. I have a doll with a Christmas dedication pa from Grandma and Grandpa.

      1. Abangan ko po ang DIY coloring post mo! Ako din DIY lang sa pagcocolor ng hair, no budget for Salon hihi! Im sure super valuable sayo yung doll from your grandparents!

  2. Ang ganda!!! I love your doll! I love your dress too! DI siya scary ah pero I know a lot of dolls like that sa mga horror movies, hehe, but she’s too adorable to be scared off! Happy Halloween and Happy All Souls Day po!!

  3. Kestner is so pretty! Do you collect this kind of dolls? How many do you have? I have a few porcelain dolls from The Promenade Collection! I’ve always love them all. They are just so cute and stylish. It makes me wanna dress up like they do. By the way, love your glittery shoes!

  4. Whoa. Kestner is enchanting and beautiful! 🙂 The history of the doll is really interesting and how you got it is really amazing. You are so glamorous Ms. Carizza! 🙂 Your dress is so lovely as well as your shoes. Keep on shining! 🙂

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