Tutu and Discoveries



One cold January. I hope everyone’s safe and has something to feel warm. I think my luck just started to roll and I hope nothing but the best as we reach the lunar new year.


Also back to tutu-ing. I got mine from Modern Princess. You can find it at The SM Store, kids section. 😉 I’m glad that despite gaining weight, I can still fit in this fluffy girly skirt.


Tutu from Modern Princess // Top and Shoes from Forever 21 // Cookie and Dog Pouches from Tickles


Since the temperature dropped, I brought a cute polka dotted coat with me.




Oh, look what I found at Tickles – a Pugtato Chips pouch! My cam, phone and wallet fit perfectly inside! It’s funny to carry a doggie-snack-looking bag around though.


Now, how about a chocolate chip cookie?



Also, I recently fell in love with Honest Junk! Thanks ARC for sending these healthy snacks. Zooper Cookies (Malunggay) and Super Gummies are dairy free, gluten free, fat free, contain low sugar, natural fruit juice and contain superfoods! The gummy flavor that I got was a mix of pink guava, strawberry and malunggay. Yay for new discoveries!


This quarter is the busiest for SIAMESE so I am not completely sure if I can keep up and update this blog frequently but I’ll try my best to share whatever I can. I already missed Mumuso, Miniso, K-Beauty at Watsons and L’Oreal Infallible launch. I was looking forward to those brands but unfortunately, I did not have enough time to squeeze them in. I’ll be skipping Yeppunonnie with Jay Park too. Missing Korean/Japanese brand launches breaks my heart but I have to keep in mind that I have more important things to prioritize such as “Adulting”. Haha! But seriously, I’d better concentrate with SIAMESE projects first. We’ve got a lot of things to polish for February! Bye for now!

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7 thoughts on “Tutu and Discoveries

  1. Waaaaaahhhhh sayang yung Yeppunonnie Miss Carizza. Haha. Pero mas ok pa ring paglaanan ng panahon ang ADULTING! Hehehe.
    Btw, i super duper loooooveeee your high-heeled shoes! Not a fan of tutus pero gusto ko lang ishare, bumibili din ako ng dresses sa kids section sa SM minsan. Hahaha. Sobrang korean-like yang outfit mo lagi Miss Carizza, ang cuteee cuteee! :*

  2. ang sexy-sexy nyo po ate! Soo cute din ng tutu skirt nyo, chaka napaka ganda naman ng place. hahaha! ngayon ko lang nalaman pouch pala yang dala nyo..I really thought you brought dog food for a DOg..Sarry!Btw! love the painting<3

  3. Look more gorgeous and sexy Ms. Carizza!! Love your dress. Parang Barbie lang. Sayang, ang dami mo na miss madam. But for sure your happy what your doing now. Good luck!!

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