Shirt Under A Dress Brings Out The Kid In Me


So hot here in the Philippines! Yikes! I’m so bothered with this climate change. I wish I could do more than recycling and spreading awareness. What else can we do to help? Sometimes, I cannot really think properly because of the scorching heat. How about you? Are you enjoying your summer days? I’m really not a ‘summer’ person but I try to embrace the warm weather (since I don’t have any choice) by living in dresses – with a hint of the 90’s with my shirt under a dress look.



Shirt from Mango // Denim Dress from ASOS // Studded Neon Mouse Flats from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Peek-a-boo-NOT! Thanks to shirt under a dress trend for saving my tummy!


I wore this outfit when I when to Tickles. All kiddie and giddy that really gives a nostalgic feel! Made my tee and dress combo even more casual with a pair of cute and comfy flats.



Okay, back to physical and mental age now, promise!

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5 thoughts on “Shirt Under A Dress Brings Out The Kid In Me

  1. You’re so pretty doll!!!! And your shoes 😱😱😱 so cute!
    Bout sa summer, hay kakasumpa ang init! Ang hirap lalo na ngayon na nag-aayos kami dahil kakalipat lang, hirap kumilos, naliligo ka lagi sa sariling pawis. 😢

  2. I am lovin’ your purple hair! You are the cutest doll!
    Not a fan of summer too.. Imagine the feels brought by the summer heat.. And yes, I wish that there is something else we can do for this climate change..

  3. I can also feel your love for that “Shirt under a dress” trend, sobrang nabalik ang dating uso noon, uso ulit ngayon. I remember wearing shirt under my long dress wayback in College, sobrang uso yan noong panahon ni Donna Cruz. I dont know if you can relate to that, maybe you’re still a baby then😘

  4. That shoes is so adorbs! My mom said they had this fashion when she was is grade school. And it’s making a comeback. You look so cute and stylish! And your hair, cant help fallin’ inlove with it!

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