My Skewer Stick Picks at Kushikatsu Daruma


One Sunday morning, we went to Kushikatsu Daruma to try some deep-fried skewers!



The people eating next to us were Japanese and while they were chatting, it made us feel as if we were eating in Osaka where Kushikatsu Daruma came from.



Complimentary vegetables were served while we waited for our orders.


The special sauce is sooo good! It is regularly flown in from Osaka to Manila for an authentic Kushikatsu experience. Remember, no double dipping! In Japan, meals are shared among strangers therefore hygiene is very important. They even have quirky illustrations when people can’t resist the urge to dip again.


We started off with assorted sticks of Prawn, Chicken, Tsukune, Tonkatsu and Camembert Cheese. We didn’t order the Beginner Level Set as we tried to avoid the leeks and potatoes. Haha!


We ordered Japanese rice bowls as well to go with our Kushikatsu sticks.


Sorry, we skipped the Advanced Level! I don’t usually eat chicken innards like heart, intestine or gizzard. Kayo ba? XD We just continued our feast with Gyoza, Mochi and some more prawns.


Dipping the skewers once is so bitin so I am thinking of another strategy for my next visit. Like asking for a separate bowl so I can dip over and over again or order foie gras skewers next time!


Be sure to visit them at Uptown Mall, BGC.

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8 thoughts on “My Skewer Stick Picks at Kushikatsu Daruma

  1. Wow! Grabe nakakatakam naman mga foods! Ako tlga nagkagusto sa foods ng mga japanese and korean dahil po sa mga anime nila…dba sa cartooning pa lng ng mga foods sa cartoons ay super nakakatakam tlga at nakakaakit, nakakalaway ganun! Haahah..ako di pako nakatikim ng mga ganyang foods pero tlgang feel ko na di ko yan titigilan!! Sasarap! And feel tlga ung themed ng kainan ah, Osaka tlga itsura..i’ve seen those theme eh sa mga movies and pictures ng osaka resto..pak! maganda!

  2. Akala ko repost lang ito.hehehe… Naalala ko na may nabasa na ako bout dito before. Di ko maalala saang blog.hehehe… Mukha masarap food.meron ba nyan sa may north ave?

  3. Nakakaloka ung no double dipping madam! Haha curious lng po ako, saan po gawa ung special sauce nila and anong lasa nya? Bukod kse sa personal hygiene, parang may something dun sa sauce. Hihihi Kushikatsu sticks looks so yummy! Yung lalo na ung Pawn 😍 madam ilubog mo ung skewer sticks mo ng lubog na lubog saka matagal para masipsip nya maigi ung sauce. Hahaha

  4. wow.,ang yummy nman niyan..tas special pa ung sauce from japan pa.,Mahilig din ako sa mga iba’t-ibang klase ng sauce.,Haha bigla tuloy akong nagutom..🙂.

  5. So cute & yummy! Reminds me of mini corn dogs! Now im really curious what it looks like inside too. I loveee Japanese cuisine so i think this is a must try meryenda for me. Very interesting yung “No double dipping” policy nila. Hehe napaisip din ako ng strategy kung ano pwede gawin tuloy. The sauce looks good e, i bet ang hirap iresist mag dip ulit. 🙂 Ako i eat those innards, hehe wala lang nasanay lang. ^^

  6. “No Double Dipping!”

    I read it first from your previous blog. And oh yes, one dip is not enough haha.. Especially with a “oh so delish” sauce! Though I haven’ t tried this resto, Japanese food is really appetizing! Prawn is my fave too! I’ve tried gizzard but my tastebuds doesn’t seem to like it.

  7. Nakakatakam Madam. Like na like ko pa naman mga ganyan. Dipping ng bongga sa sauce..Wooh yummmmmmmmy!

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