Breads and Pastries


Dropped by the bakery in a dainty floral dress and curly hair. I was actually sporting braids ala Judy Abbott in the morning then I realized that it doesn’t go well with my outfit. So I had to deal with the curls when I removed the braids.



I placed too much bread in my bag! Mom loves bread and I was craving for a Boulangerie22 cake at that time so I went to their branch at Greenfield to satisfy our afternoon cravings.


My bread bag and cake box on the right. XD


Dress from Liz Lisa // Bag from Kipling // Shoes from Parisian


What’s in my bag?

Aside from my camera, I brought my L’Oreal Infallible Pro Contour Palette, L’Oreal Lucent Magique blush in Sweet Coral, Maybelline ClearSmooth All in One Foundation and Pony Effect Outfit Velvet Lipstick in Rush Hour. All in my Little Twin Star Makeup kit, featuring Kipling’s 30th Anniversary Exclusive Monkey!

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8 thoughts on “Breads and Pastries

  1. Judy Abbott — I suddenly remembered my childhood days 🙂 Is that their Greenfield District branch? Ang babait ng mga employees dyan. Their cakes are so yummy and sometimes are on sale. Btw I love your makeup kit, it’s so cuteee 🙂

  2. Nice curls, bagay po sa inyo. Love the dress too! I love Boulangerie’s Japanese Custard Cream Cheese Bread. 🙂

  3. Bagay naman yung curls sa outfit. Dainty look. I love breads too! I miss garlic bread! Huhu. I’d love to make a sandwich or burger na yung long bread ang bread? Haha ang crispy kasi based on what I watched on videos. Hehe.

  4. Really love your bag madam kasi I really love blue colors talaga. Hehe. And ung bag mo e full of maybelline and Loreal make ups. 😍😍😍 Ready for retouch talaga if mahagardo. Hehe. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Share ko lang po.. I remember last year of December may free class of baking and pastry sa alma mater school ko so when I got the news nag enroll ako agad. 3 mos later waiting for their sched and all wala di nila tinuloy kaya pinull-out ko mga req na pinasa ko. Sayang gusto ko pa naman matuto mag-bake. Asset man lang sana. hehehe I haven’t been tr ant pastries from Boulangerie22, hoping the have cheesecakes too. hehehe! Such a Dollet outfit ang cuute plus the hairdoo <3

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