• Cat Cafe Manila

    Cat Cafe Manila

    Bicco I’ve been to this cat cafe twice already but I never got the chance to blog about it before and since I already miss these furbabies, I’ll keeping a blog entry about them today. Cat Cafe Manila is filled with around 10 adorable Puspin cats from CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) and all […]

  • Jetoy Choo Choo Cats

    Jetoy Choo Choo Cats

    One thing that I really miss in Korea is the Choo Choo cat! It’s a line of super cute dreamy eyed cats from the Korean brand Jetoy! It’s actually one of Korea’s most popular stationary brands and you can now see these cute cat prints on notebooks, pouches, passport covers, folders, pens, bags and a […]

  • N Seoul Tower

    N Seoul Tower

    So we went to Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower, for the Locks of Love. It’s a place where lovers put up their padlocks, throw away the key to symbolize that their love will be locked forever. There were different kinds of padlocks in the area and nowadays you can also see some […]

  • The Streets of Gangnam

    The Streets of Gangnam

    For a chic and posh feel in Seoul, visit Gangnam-gu! We went here to take the bus to Everland and went back here again on another day to visit a cat cafe. With all the popular brands, fashion shops, billboards, LCDs, and lights, it gives a modern upscale lifestyle. Many tourists visit this place as […]

  • Cat Cafe in Gangnam Korea

    Cat Cafe in Gangnam Korea

    The cat lady went to the Cat Attic! Yipee! I’m so happy to have cat lover friends. They agreed to visit a cat cafe in Gangnam when we were in Korea. There are actually a lot of cat cafes in Korea but we chose to stay in this one because the place is so easy […]

  • Henry Cats & Friends

    Henry Cats & Friends

    I got a gift this morning from sister and I swear, it’s the cutest thing! It’s a cat plushy cellphone holder~~ Henry Cats & Friends Annie Olivia Available at Rustan’s Department Stores. I saw this at NBC Tent Bazaar too last Christmas. Wish I could buy more of these! Original art by the Taiwanese artist […]