Old Summer Day

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a peaceful time to repent and reflect during the Holy Week. Today's outfit post is a bit different from the usual pastels or bright-colored ootd you'd see today. Mine's turning vintage because I want it to.

Top from Le Caprice // Skirt from Imomoi
Belt and accessories from SM Accessories // Shoes from Mario 'd Boro

There's something romantic about this vintage floral top and Mario 'd boro heels. I'm thrilled with the combination and I love how effortless they can look when paired with a denim skirt. Looks perfect for a Sunday walk.

Whipped out this outfit for toy hunting particularly the vintage ones. The first thing we bought was a recent action figure though XD. After hours of walking and looking through display glasses, I was able to find a little gem. It's a Kewpie doll by Rose O'Neill from Japan!

Ever since I've learned about Shirley Temple, my doll addiction stays at peak. I might talk and share more about my collection than usual. I just hope I won't freak anyone as some people find dolls creepy. Don't be scared when you see them here in my blog, ok? Teehee~

Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea

There's one season we'd all love to have and for me, it's definitely Spring. It's one thing I'd love to see in Japan actually. I'll miss Japanese cherry blossoms for now but good thing Tokyo Bubble Tea prepared their own version of Sakura that we can all enjoy in their place!

Do you love this place too? My favorite combo here is Honeydew Melon Milk Tea and Matcha Cappuccino cake! Aside from their tempting drinks and cakes, Tokyo Bubble Tea is one of my favorite milk tea places because of the Japanese-themed relaxing ambiance and pastel interiors. Now, they've made it look even better for springtime with a cherry blossom tree and Japanese lanterns!

Tokyo Bubble Tea Milk Tea Place and Restaurant, the country’s favorite milk tea shack in the country, is giving its guests yet another reason to have a sip by introducing its newest variant that’s sure to make every milk tea and milk shake lovers blush - the Sakura Milk Tea and Sakura Milk Shake.

Sakura Milk Shake P165 (M) / P175 (L)
Sakura Milk Tea P145 (M) / P155 (L)

The dreamy combination of green tea, milk, and vanilla essence is finished off with the aromatic cherry essence that gives that romantic vibe, apt for the Sakura Season, and reminiscent of the time when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It's a sakura milk tea and it's pink. How could you resist?

“This is what Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant is about, giving a special experience of Tokyo to our guest. Through our offering of Sakura milk tea and milk shake, it’s like stepping onto the Sakura Season and witnessing the cherry blossom bloom with every sip,” Reagan Tan said, President and CEO of Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant.

Milk tea is best enjoyed with snacks. Chef Reagan introduced to use their best seller treats from the menu. First, we tried Bulgogi Nachos as spicy chips are the best match for a delicious milk tea. It's good to have a Japanese snack with a Korean twist. It's a mix of ground beef, onions, tomatoes, green seaweeds, spicy mayo and topped with black sesame seeds.

Next, we tried Nippon Ebi Maki. This rolls has mozarella cheese, teriyaki sauce, and mango and little masago on top. Plus, it has shrimp at the center so it immediately became my most favorite side treat. Yum!

For a heavier snack, you should try the Samurai Burger. The patty has lettuce and apple jam. Wait.. Apple jam on burger? It sounded a bit off for me but it was actually good!

If you are looking for rice meals, choose Omurice with Steak Mushroom Sauce with Hamburger Steak. This meal awesomely tastes like pizza. I love it!

Another good entree is their Grilled Porkchop on Roasted Tomato Sauce and Korean Bibimbap! Yes, Korean dishes are slowly invading their menu because Korean and Japanese food taste great together!

Since Tokyo Bubble Tea is celebrating the cherry blossom season, they are also serving Sakura Mango Roll! The whole role is P550 and a slice costs P120. This sakura cake has mango cream inside. Definitely a must try!

They have prepared a glass painting activity for us too. Can you guess which one's mine?

It was a bit difficult for me to leave this place. If only I could drink all their milk teas in a day. Haha. I'll probably just go back here when I can. :)

For more information, check Tokyo Bubble Tea’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tokyobubbletea or follow them on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @tokyobubbletea.

Are You Ready for Your Vacation this Summer?

While most people are now bumming around the beach, I am stuck here finishing errands before the long break. If you are one of those people who will invade the shores of Boracay, make sure you have your favorite Banana flip flops with you.  With its latest designs right at your tippy toes, all you would ever really have to say is: BRING IT. The proudly homegrown brand is sure to turn heads as you frolic into the best season ever with your environmentally-friendly flip flops that is being distributed in 9 other countries worldwide. This is all about having the experience of a lifetime! This is all about you.

A Treat to Mom

I have to admit that, like every daughter/son, I also have bad times with my mom. There are instances that I think she's currently taking us for granted or sometimes feel unappreciated but in the midst of all these, I still spoil her from time to time. After all, she's still my mom. Since going to the spa is one of our common interests, I brought her to The Spa Wellness for a pampering experience. 

Oh! My Royal Blue

Last year, around June to August, I was so crazy about the color red. Anything like dresses, shoes, and even wearing red lipstick boldly the whole day. Then around September to December, I kept looking for pastel yellow skirts and dresses. I hoarded even if I didn't had any plans of wearing them. I have no idea why. Before, I always loved pink. Well, I still love pink until now but I am not that obsessed anymore. There was a time when people asked me of what color to pick, I always said brown. Yeah, one time in my life, my favorite color was brown and I know that from time to time I would still choose that color when asked. My friend Dawn Llanera once asked, "Brown??? May tao bang may favorite ang brown?" Haha! But I do!