P2 Blooming Style Outfit Ideas

I am packing my things up last minute for our weekend trip. I am so excited for this trip as I’d be able to watch Ayumi Hamasaki perform live at A-Nation Singapore! Socks, accessories, cosmetics… I wish I don’t forget anything! I have a check list but I am not 100% sure everything is already listed there. Plus, I haven’t prepared my clothes yet! I don’t know yet what outfits to pack in my bag. Do you also have the same problem when preparing your outfits? Let’s have some quick and trendy outfit ideas!

So I found P2 Blooming Style online where helpful outfit and makeup tips can be found.  Of course, the first coordinate which attracted me is the one that shouts PINK. A pink coordinate is a must! I am loving how they matched an elegant dress with a soft pink blazer  and paired with nice pink clutch and watch! Painting nails with OPI is a great idea too!


Mall shopping with friends and dinner date at night? Become a superwoman and choose this white coordinate. It’s perfect for casual moments and night outs too!


Feeling a little laidback? Bring out your sneakers and pair it with a knee-length dress with a plaid long sleeve shirt tied on waist for an ultra-comfy style.


Nice ideas right? Cool, hot, or somewhere in between, you always want to dress right for the day. These nicely paired pieces (which you may already have) will speed up decision-making while helping us become more stylish all the time without exerting so much effort digging the closet. 

So what’s your favorite P2 Blooming Style coordinate? Share it with us on the comment box below!

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Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge Hair Color Promo

Matrix invites you to donate 8 inches of your hair to be turned into wigs for children stricken by cancer. At the same time, volunteer hair dressers from partner institution, David's Salon, will be donating their time and expertise on October 25 to do the stylish haircuts for free! Together, let's difference a difference in the lives of cancer kids.

If you wish to participate, sign up at www.matrixchairsofchangeph.com and take the Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge. Those who will sign up will receive a stylish hair cut for free on October 25, 2014 at SM City North Edsa, The Block. 

For those brave women who will take the challenge on Oct 25, we are giving you a chance to win a one-time complimentary hair color session c/o Matrix on November 13 at the Matrix Academie in Ortigas!

After signing up at www.matrixchairsofchangeph.com, please follow the mechanics below:

Promo period is from October 18 - November 8. Two lucky winners will be announced on Nov. 10. Transform your look as you help little cancer patients transform their lives! Good luck and thank you for your support for the Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge!


This year is the busiest yet my happiest birthday ever! Should have taken the day off work but I have too much to do and so much energy to exert. I am so eager to finish work because 1) we planned a back to back to back birthday trip and 2) I will finally see Ayu! I don't mind sleeping less than 4 hours a day, seriously. I am willing to be panget the whole month and no pimple can ever change my happiness level right now. 

Top from Ingni Japan // Skirt from Lace Girl Japan // Headband, Accessories and Socks from Myeongdong Korea // Belt from Freeway // Shoes from Ferretti

Reading birthday greetings from my social media accounts

Celebrating with florals, pastels and everything girly.

They say that happiness shared is happiness doubled. So as early as now, I am thinking of different ways on how to make other people happy.

I find it fulfilling every time I get to uplift the lives of children that is why I choose to spend Christmas in an orphanage dear to me. 

Sometimes, me and my friends drop by and send them grocery items. It’s amazing how simple things like this can make a difference! 

If you also want to do life changing things for others, check the Matrix 8-Inch Cut For Cancer Challenge happening this October 25! Although I cannot donate my hair, I’m so happy to donate my time to do the styling for Maxene Magalona & Jackie Go for that day! So see you there! Sign up & learn more at www.matrixchairsofchangeph.com

@MatrixPhilippines #MatrixPhilippines #MatrixChairsOfChangePH

Tony Moly Cristal Blusher #7 Bronzing Brown

It's my birthday week but instead of having a blast I chose to do backlogs and finish deadlines for next week's event! I had a wonderful back to back to back birthday trip last week anyway. :)

Applying the same makeup everyday can be boring so I chose to try new products from time to time. By that, I learn new things in makeup application once in a while and discover great products as well!

What's on my table?

Tony Moly Cristal Blusher #7 Bronzing Brown


Tony Moly Cristal Blusher is a collection of different shading powders which can be used as a blush, eyeshadow or bronzer.

Since the shade is brown, I thought it would be a good eyeshadow or bronzer. Honestly, I use different shades of bronzer for my nose, forehead and cheekbones so it would be a bit tricky for me to apply only one shade for different parts of my face. But as long as it is matte, I think I can find a way to make it look good but not heavily contoured. I swatched it on my wrist and got surprised how velvety it is.

 The powder goes on smoothly when applied on skin and the color is not too dramatic so it can be used for everyday.

Here's a photo of me at the hotel lobby with no bronzer on my face yet

I applied the product to the sides of my nose up to my browbone for an instant tangos effect, swiped a little under my cheekbones and along my jaw lines. It made a big difference, right?

What I love about this product?
Smooth and Matte
Easy to blend
Good for everyday wear
Gives a natural warmth on face
Good for contouring

What I don't like about this product?
The shade is only for fair skin
Why is it called Cristal and not Crystal?

Today's OOTD is blurred yet special. Lol. Why special? Because mom took those photos using my SLR! I appreciate the effort since my camera is really hard to use.

Top from Promod // Skirt from G2000 // Shoes from Ferretti
Accessories from Causeway HK // Knitted Cardigan from Sparkle Shop

It's the outfit I wore to Forever 21's First X Forever Hip Makeover event. Mame told me that my outfit looked better without the cover-up so I removed it before I went to the event. :)

Thanks mom!

Made in Candy experience at SM Megamall

Last week, I celebrated my birthday at Made in Candy store! And not only that, they invited me there to make my own candies. A candymaker for a day!!! How cool is that?

First step: MIC candymen boiled the sugar for 20 minutes and poured the melted sugar on the table for us to add flavor.