Photodiary: Everland Part 1

Finally found time to post and share my Korea trip! Our preparation for this trip was really tough since we had to beat deadlines at work, complete visa requirements, and fix our itinerary. We had to bring some work to Korea too but everything went into place and our trip was a happy success.

The first place we visited was the happiest one - EVERLAND!

Hurray for Halloween!

Everland Resort is a theme park in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea. To get there, we took Bus 5002 from Gangnam and boarded another shuttle bus (which I felt like a theme park ride already because of its speed) from Yongin to Everland. It was a long trip but worth the wait.

Black coat from Tango // Dress from Ahaishopping // Pearl Accessories // Red Hairties worn as bracelets from Pinkbox // Knee high socks from Korea // Boots from Forever 21

Ticket price is originally 46,000 krw per person but we were able to get discount coupons at 37,000 krw for foreigners.

The famous Everland tree. Hurrr I cannot hide my excitement!

My Everland date - Eton!

So many flowers around. I wanna live here as a butterfly!

Pororo so cute!

Chillax babies so cute too!

The park is divided into five zones that have their own distinct themes: Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Global Fair, Magic Land, American Adventure. Our main target was to brave the T-Express ride early so we still have 100% energy to scream our hearts out. We went straight to European Adventure and even rode the Skyway cable car just to make it on time.

Look what I found as we rush to T-Express... A cute girl in a tutu skirt!

We're almost there.. The T-Express looks like a looong scary ride! Didn't know if I was excited or scared but probably both.

The line was really long and we did not know how to get q-passes at that time lol so we patiently waited for our turn.

I felt my heart beat faster as we gazed upon it. It was indeed one scary ride!!! But after our turn, I wanted to line up for it again hahaha.

Our next stop is at Zoo-topia. Another favorite! We started by petting some animals like ducks, rabbits, and lambs at the Petting Zoo. Corny ba? Haha! They're sooo cute I wanted to take home one!

Wrap these fluffy animals for me!

With Jamie-ly

Moi-ly and Eton

After that, we went to the Lost Valley. Happy to see King Julien and his great colony of lemurs! He's my favorite character in Madagascar hahaha.

Here, we were allowed to feed some birds and take photos with them.

Cute squirrels!!! They're so adorable! We were able to get close to them in Nami island. Will share that experience soon!

And here's the meerkat with great balance! Cute as well!

Experienced a realistic ecology and had a close encounter with the animals! The amphibian car (which is quite similar to our Red Cross boat here in the Philippines) splashed into the water in the middle of our tour as if it transformed into a boat!

This giraffe almost ate my hair haha!

This bird is trying his best to impress us!

The lazy rhinos

Cheetah looking out for prey.

I wish we have a zoo like this in the Philippines! Zoo-topia was really huge and there are a lot of animals to see. I think we spent most of our time here.

A close encounter with a tiger! Weee~

And finally saw a polar bear! He wasn't in the mood for some pictures though. I bet he's already tired just like us.

My oh my. There are a lot more to share so I'll make another post for the other half of the trip. I think I must visit this place every year to feel young and happy. This Everland experience definitely brought out the kid in me. :3

Photos by Eton de Guzman

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