Forever 21 - First x Forever Hip Makeover

Forever 21's flagship store in SM Megamall distinguished itself as the defined fashion mecca for stylish apparel that catered to every personality. Now on its fourth year of operations in the Philippines, Forever 21 has become a household name – with 9 stores spread across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and another one fast on its way within 2014. 

Change, as with all things in the fashion world, was always in the offing. Now also in its fourth year, Forever 21’s SM Megamall flagship store receives a sophisticated and streamlined makeover, reflecting the brand’s new international look. Here's a glimpse into its newly-renovated Megamall store which provides a clear overview of the brand’s offerings, with neon signs demarcating each collection.

Martine Cajucom is the host of the night! We love her!

Forever 21 also prepared an exciting game for the early birds. They were paired in two and styled each other within 20 minutes with Forever 21 fall pieces.

Guess which team won!

Also during the re-launch, Forever 21's Fall 2014 was also showcased at a mini fashion show. With a focus on luxe texture and boho details, the collection offerings include oversized trenches, faux fur coats and soft sweaters in an array of lengths and an on-trend color palette of camels, pale pinks and prints. The brand atmosphere this season is defined by unlimited style and quality at the prices Forever 21 is known for.

With lovely and fashionable ladies - Alyssa Yu, Rhea Bue, Yuki Tansengco, Alyssa Lapid and Martine Cajucom

It was a super fun event! Glad I was able to make it! Have you seen the newly revamped Forever 21 store at SM Megamall?

Unboxing Watsons Wonders Beauty Box - Hair Heroes!

The biggest beauty box has finally arrived! It's Watsons Wonders Beauty Box! What's inside this huge and heavy pink box?

Miracle Hair Fiber in Dark Brown
Moist Diane (Available at Watsons Soon)
Tony & Guy Casual Foaming Spray Gel
Aloe Derma Shampoo
Aloe Derma Conditioner
Aloe Derma Hair and Scalp Tonic
Gatsy Moving Lock Spray
Hair Vitamin Morocco Argan Capsules
L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil
Palty Mousse Hair Color
Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with Shea Butter
Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with Milk & Honey
Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment with Fresh Mint & Vitamin E

It contains different hair products that help solve different hair problems! Unlike any other beauty boxes, this one is not a subscription box. It is available at selected SM Beauty or Watsons stores for a limited time!

Let's take a closer look at the items.

The first thing that caught my eye is this duo! Moist, Diane shampoo and treatment have a non-greasy texture that leave hair soft and light. I think it's a Japanese brand based on its packaging. Can't wait for its launch! #MostDianePh

Next is Toni & Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel. Yipee! I like this product as it enhances waves, layers, and texture of hair. I've only tried it at a salon but never purchased so I am glad I got one from this beauty box.

Going organic? Or if you're simply avoiding hair products with harmful chemicals which could cause hair loss, try Aloe Derma Natural hair care set of shampoo, conditioner, and Hair And Scalp Tonic. My sister is using organic aloe vera shampoo and I think she should switch to this one as it's cheaper than the shampoo and conditioner she currently uses. Aloe Derma Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a 210ml bottle at Php 225 each while the Hair Tonic comes in a 110ml bottle at Php 215.

For stronger and incredibly rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, I got Hair Vitamin Morocco Argan capsules! I've never tried applying capsules for hair. Is one capsule enough for one application? Will post an update!

Mom will surely love this next product. It's Hairfix Miracle Hair Fiber with Locking Hair Spray. It's a quick and easy solution for men and women who is suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. 

I'll try it on my mom's to see if it's really a miracle!

The beauty box also contains a super cute and hyped product in Japan. Palty Mousse Hair Color! The shade I got is Custard Beige (blonde color). I've always wanted to try a Japanese hair style! Will this hair color suit me? We'll see in the next few days!

Next product is Gatsy Moving Lock Spray. Another Japanese product! This is used after styling hair with wax to keep hairstyle in place the whole day. Men would probably enjoy this product more.

For a natural yet enhanced hairstyle, here's L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil. A 3-in-1 sublime hair enhacer. It has five precious extracts of flowers which gives an invisible veil over the hair without weighing it down. I already have too many hair oil/cuticle coat in my life but this one's look lux and I think this one's worth a try.

* Ok I just tried the product. It's non-greasy and works great! It keeps hair soft and manageable while it leaves hair with a unique scent. It can also be used in 3 ways - before shampoo, before drying, or on dry hair as a finishing product.

And lastly, the beauty box has these Salon Professionals Keratin Treatments in 3 different variants. I really need hair treatments in my life so I am very thankful that Watsons Wonders beauty box has these! The green one, Keratin Treatment with Shea Butter, smells like candy while the pink tub, Milk & Honey, has a shampooish scent. The purple tub, Fresh Mint and Vitamin E, has, of course, a minty scent. Which one do you like to try?

So that's it! I think everything inside the box is marvelous for everyday hair care. Taking care of your hair simply means taking good care of yourself so be sure to use the BEST products that suits your hair type.

Did you enjoy today's unboxing? What do you think of these products?

Globe Project 1 Phone: Cool Noon, School Ngayon!

Nowadays, the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology and it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon! With this, it means more and more gadgets will become available to us and more and more Filipinos will upgrade their devices.

With this fast paced technology, we tend to abandon our old gadgets and worse, throw them in trash together with other junk. These obsolete and unwanted electronic and electrical devices add up to millions of metric tons of e-waste disposed worldwide every year which could cause toxic metal leaks like lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium. These will eventually be released into the air and seep into the ground and waterways.

Now, how do we solve the e-waste dilemma? The solution is to put your old phones to good use instead of throwing it out.

Globe leads the country's biggest and most ambitious mobile recycling program—Project 1 Phone. By donating just one unused, non-working or damaged phone, tablet, phone battery, or even an old personal computer to Project 1 Phone, each Filipino can do his share in minimizing the environmental impact of e-waste and countering its harmful effects.

Globe also makes it easy for its customers and other stakeholders to participate in the drive by providing donation bins in participating Globe Stores in various parts of the country.

Schools, corporations, local government units, and other private and non-government organizations may also participate in the program by adopting recycle bins. Interested parties may email Globe at

All devices and accessories that Globe will gather shall be turned over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste recycler which will take responsibility for at end-of-life products to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

TES-AMM will, likewise, work on recovering precious metals and plastics from the recycled gadgets. Globe has committed to build at least 40 school buildings in the province of Aklan and proceeds of Project 1 Phone will be used to add to the said number since hundreds of classrooms are still needed in the area.

 For the complete list of participating stores, please visit the Globe Telecom website

Ocean Park Hong Kong: 14th Halloween Fest

What's your plan for Halloween? If you're in Hong Kong  by that time, then it's perfect to visit Ocean Park Hong Kong and experience Asia’s Largest Halloween Celebration!

This Halloween, explore dark surprises in a film world gone terribly wrong at the Ocean Park Halloween Fest! Different scream-tastic experiences during the day and night make this massive festival of horrors twice as fun!

Ocean Park will present a new breakthrough by transforming itself into a horror film studio, featuring nine unique experiences at seven haunted attractions that offer a galore of fun and scares all day and night for the price of one ticket! 

Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm Review

Time flies too fast. In just about two weeks, I'd be celebrating my 18th birthday! Lol. But seriously, I'm not getting any younger. I need to find ways on how to take care of my skin and knock years off my look. I mean, who wants old looking skin?

I've discovered a product that gives a Luminous Baby Aura effect. It's Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm!