• Araneta Center and CARA care for the ‘Palengcats’

    Araneta Center and CARA care for the ‘Palengcats’

    The Araneta Center does right by the stray cat population in the Center, beginning with the ‘palengcats’ found in Farmers Market, by teaming up with CARA Welfare Philippines for a TNR program

  • A Look Back at 2018

    A Look Back at 2018

    2018 was not as bad as 2017 but it was absolutely a tough one. Super thankful for my family and friends for being there all the time. They made me realize that I need to be stronger for them and for myself.

  • An afternoon at Bengal Brew

    An afternoon at Bengal Brew

    Back to Bengal Brew! I celebrated my birthday last year here. If you wanna read our first experience at Bengal Brew, please click here.

  • Aoi Sora – Long Hiatus is Over

    Aoi Sora – Long Hiatus is Over

    Omg, I am back! Dear readers, sponsors and friends, I am so sorry for the long hiatus. I was so stressed with work then my laptop decided to crash without any warning at all. So I had to rush to my Kuya and recover everything from SIAMESE files to blogging photos. That was close to […]

  • Miao Cat Cafe

    Miao Cat Cafe

    A visit to Miao Cat Cafe was part of my birthday celebration. We traveled all the way just to see how this place looks like. It was one of the first cat cafes opened here in the country so I thought of checking it out with the family. Selfie with cats is so easy. All […]

  • Birthday Celebration at Bengal Brew

    Birthday Celebration at Bengal Brew

    I am becoming more and more feline this year and the cat lady in me said that I had to celebrate with cats. So we went to Bengal Brew cat cafe few week ago for 1/3 of my birthday celebration! It’s the first cat cafe in the world to have Bengal cats in an indoor […]

  • Shy Meow

    Shy Meow

    My cat addiction has gone up to another level. Today, I decided to wear CAT. Yep, pink… cute… cat. That’s so me on a casual day. Top from Maldita // Skirt from online // Tote bag from Grab SM Department Store   Okay, forgive me! I know this one is not originally from Jetoy and I […]

  • Uchi no Neko – The Cat House Cafe

    Uchi no Neko – The Cat House Cafe

    Finally! The Cat House Cafe, which started with mini pop up cafe, is now open! I really love the mini house they built for cats for their events where you can enter and mingle with the cats for a while so I was really excited for the opening of the real cafe! (Warning: Cuteness overload […]

  • The Cat Fluff

    The Cat Fluff

    I don’t normally post about cats here in my blog but if you do know me well, you’d know that I’m a crazy cat lady and my Facebook newsfeed is filled with cats. Seriously, I love seeing those furballs rather than reading rants of friends or be informed about the world today. Last week, I […]