• Roller Derby

    Roller Derby

    So much things going on in the world but whatever happens, just keep on rollin’! It’s so hard to focus on the positive things right now. Sometimes, I overthink about the things that I can’t even control. I need constant reminders to keep a positive mindset. For me, I start my day with… coffee. My […]

  • China Doll

    China Doll

    This pandemic has made me feel really anxious but I am so proud that I am able to handle it well. Sort of. A cat-doll-plant overload solves almost any stressful situation while being with logical and supportive people saves the day. While it is complicated to move and be sensitive with other people’s coping, it […]

  • Be MaArte For A Cause!

    Be MaArte For A Cause!

    So last August, we had a blast at the MaArte Fair held at The Peninsula Manila. For those who are not familiar, it’s an annual fundraising event of The Museum Foundation of the Philippines to raise awareness and funds for the benefit of the National Museum of the Philippines and its network. Several local brands […]

  • Lost My Drive To Write

    Lost My Drive To Write

    Pink coat. Black dress. All set. Sometimes, I just need a happy color to motivate me to move forward. Pink coat and dress from Hong Kong // Slingbag from Aranaz Adios.

  • Feathered Modesty

    Feathered Modesty

    I was an Inang Bibe one fine afternoon for MaArte Fair press launch at Salon de Ning, The Peninsula Manila. I love wearing textured dresses so I can skip the uncomfortable pants and steaming of clothes. It’s not too obvious that it came straight from the clothes rack outside when the fabric has some applique […]

  • Stella Lou and Disneyland Adventure

    Stella Lou and Disneyland Adventure

    It’s been a year and I have yet to compile all the good memories from our HK adventures! As mentioned in my last update, I’d love to keep more personal entries here in this blog as I am becoming more and more forgetful each day. One of the happiest was our very-out-of-the-business-plan trip to Hong Kong Disneyland just to see […]

  • Hui Lau Shan at HK and soon in the Philippines!

    Hui Lau Shan at HK and soon in the Philippines!

    Super busy at work but I’m trying my best to complete the HK trip series here in the blog. I just have a feeling that someday I’ll get amnesia and this blog will be the only way to remember all the good memories bit by bit. What a way to start a blog entry. During […]

  • Pink Pumpkin

    Pink Pumpkin

    A long overdue blog post on what happened during my MaArte days. MaArte Fair has been a part of Siamese’s annual fundraising activity with MFPI (Museum Foundation of the Philippines). It helps the local communities sustain their livelihood, improve local craftsmanship and support the National Museum to further its projects. So it’s a 3-day shopping event that hits three birds […]

  • Cutting Down My Shopping Addiction

    Cutting Down My Shopping Addiction

    I was an impulsive shopper. I never met a pink skirt I didn’t like. The moment I see something nice on the rack, I used to purchase it without even fitting it. I’d also been splurging because I’d been abusing the I-need-an-outfit-for-this-event card. I cannot even count the sleepless nights scanning through online groups and […]