• Comfy Homewear With Hemsfort

    Comfy Homewear With Hemsfort

    Was about to checkout but I completely wiped out my Shopee cart when I stumbled upon this candy-colored top and pants from Hemsfort PH. So I immediately changed orders! ✌🏼 This top and pants is so cute and comfy! I got the cropped top for only P199 and the lounge pants for only P249. I love […]

  • Different Looks With Freshlook Contact Lens

    Different Looks With Freshlook Contact Lens

    So recently, I’ve been trying to step out of my fashion comfort zone and one of those is changing eye contact lens. Yes, eye color makes so much difference in your overall look. I usually go for big eye contact lens. I actually wanted an upper and lower blep when I was younger because of […]

  • Out of the Woods

    Out of the Woods

    After my 2nd dose of vaccine, I had runny nose, headache, chills then I suddenly lost my sense of smell and taste. Yikes! So I had my swab tests done and it felt so weird (but thankful 🙏🏻) to see negative results! Must be the vaccine side effect. Whew! I encourage everyone to get vaccinated, […]

  • Makeup Play Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon

    Makeup Play Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon

    The sun is up and it’s really hot! But I made sure that I am summer-proof ☀️ with Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon in #110 Rise to the Top and Love, Ara Clothing summer wear. It’s been a while since I dressed up. I actually didn’t have enough time since work piled up, some clients […]

  • W.Dressroom: Irresistible Scents Inspired by Korean Idols

    W.Dressroom: Irresistible Scents Inspired by Korean Idols

    Recently discovered new scents from W.Dressroom that’s all good for clothes, linens or home. It’s a well-known fragrance brand in Korea as it was popularized by many Korean idols and celebrities. It has been featured in dramas too such as “My Love From the Stars.” Founded by designer Choi Bumsuk, the brand offers perfumes, skincare, […]

  • MaArte Fair Is Now At ZALORA!

    MaArte Fair Is Now At ZALORA!

    My most favorite time of the year is here and due to pandemic, the MaArte fair is moving online! MaArte @ Zalora is a fundraiser of MFPI and it’s their innovative answer to the call for a convenient and Covid-19-free shopping event for the annual fair’s fans like me! With just a few clicks on […]

  • Holo


    Everyone’s going virtual so we’re busy putting up online platforms for businesses at Siamese and I kinda neglected this blog for a while. My tita and one of my recent rescue, Covi, also passed away as well and it was challenging physically and emotionally because of the pandemic. Last year, I helped with tita’s hospitalization […]

  • Roller Derby

    Roller Derby

    So much things going on in the world but whatever happens, just keep on rollin’! It’s so hard to focus on the positive things right now. Sometimes, I overthink about the things that I can’t even control. I need constant reminders to keep a positive mindset. For me, I start my day with… coffee. My […]

  • Becoming A Plant Mom

    Becoming A Plant Mom

    Since the start of the lockdown, I’ve been worried about my plants in the office. I thought it will be just a one month hiatus but the quarantine period has been extended and for sure, my little babies had dried out completely by now. Good thing – I also have some babies at home. I […]