• Hilary Franchesca

    Hilary Franchesca

    I finally got my new porcelain doll! Meet Hilary Franchesca. When I saw her online, I already knew she’s mine. I am so happy to add her up in my collection! Hilary is the original name of this doll and Franchesca is the name that I wanted for her. I like her cause she looks […]

  • Toycon 2015

    Toycon 2015

    Last month was the ultimate convention event of the year – TOYS! Me and my boyfriend loves toys and we go together to this event every year to get the best deals that we never find at Greenhills. It’s always fun to see what’s new and what’s hot for toy collectors and hunters. We lurve […]

  • Shirley Temple Dolls

    Shirley Temple Dolls

    I am back with a doll entry. If you don’t like dolls, please stop reading at this point. Collecting dolls is one of my hobbies since I was young and I think they deserve a space in my blog so if you’re just interested with my makeup and style posts then just read my beauty […]

  • Photodiary: Petite France in Korea

    Photodiary: Petite France in Korea

    After strolling around Namiseom, we had a wonderful afternoon at Petite France. I really wanted to visit that place not because it is a popular Korean drama shooting location but because of the porcelain doll collection they had in there. And of course, I love the book The Little Prince! How did we get here? After […]

  • Schwarzkopf Berry Ash Foam Color Review

    Schwarzkopf Berry Ash Foam Color Review

    Who could resist this cute packaging of Schwarzkopf Berry Ash Foam Color? Of course, I bought it without a second thought. It’s the Blythe doll model with a beautiful ash brown hair.  Php 599.00 At the back, you could see the color chart. It shows the result of Berry Ash for different hair colors. As for me, I just want […]

  • Japanese Hakata Dolls

    Japanese Hakata Dolls

    Fifteen years ago, my auntie went home with a Hakata doll from Japan. Hakata dolls are ceramic dolls depicting nobles, samurai, beatiful women, bijin and geisha and working people. Since I love collecting porcelain dolls, I kept this one when auntie passed away and for fourteen years, this Hakata doll is with me. We believe […]

  • Dolls have feelings too

    Dolls have feelings too

    It’s playtime once again with baby Fiona. Yes, I still play with my dolls. I don’t think anyone’s ever too old to have dolls. Combing hair, dressing up, and sometimes, playing tea time. I believe that dolls have feelings too and they would feel heavyhearted if you ignore them. When I adopted Fiona two years […]

  • Going back in time: Victorian Dolls

    Going back in time: Victorian Dolls

    Porcelain dolls continue to be a popular collector’s item. Collecting them is a charming hobby and gives me an opportunity to have beautiful girls to look at home. Until now, I still love the looks of these collectible beautiful porcelain dolls. Here they are: For some, porcelain dolls could be one of the scariest collection. […]