• Mini Food Trip at Binondo

    Mini Food Trip at Binondo

    Our food trip in Binondo finally pushed through before the rains! Woohoo! We usually visit the place just for shopping at Meisic, 168, 999, Divisoria Mall or at Lucky Chinatown Mall and we thought it would be great to tour around with friends and have a mini food trip since we haven’t tried a lot of restos […]

  • The sea, the sun, and the beach

    The sea, the sun, and the beach

    So I decided to leave the comfort of my home and head to the beach. It was one peaceful morning. No shops, loud music, and almost no people around. Just the sea, the sun, and the beach make me feel like I’m in a little paradise. I felt like the whole island is mine!    […]

  • Let me be beside the seaside

    Let me be beside the seaside

    Beach. Bikinis. Bathe in the sun. To be honest, I am not ready for summer fun. I have aquaphobia. I’m afraid to get tanned. I have a pile of work to do back in Manila. However, my cellulite and tummy are excited for some exposure so why not give them a chance? Haha. When you’re […]

  • El Nido, Palawan Travel and Budget Guide

    El Nido, Palawan Travel and Budget Guide

    Almost summer time! I know you’re all excited to bask under the sun. How about a hop to El Nido? I’m not a water person but when I saw this place in person, I had a change of heart. You don’t really need to learn how to swim. Me and mom are aquaphobic but our […]

  • Kidzania – A Time for the Kid in Me

    Kidzania – A Time for the Kid in Me

    Kai everyone! Finally had time to blog this one. It’s nothing about beauty or fashion but it’s something I want to read back in the future –  a trip to Kidzania last holiday season! We first lined up at the immigration, as if we really are travelling to a different world. Boarding… Kidzania is a […]

  • Burnham


    Allow me to continue our Baguio adventures in this post. We just have sooo much work piled up, I just need to remember one of our good times lately. And not to mention the weather. I sooo miss the cold days in Baguio. I get to wear my coats and gloves the whole day and […]

  • Family Day in Baguio

    Family Day in Baguio

    I promised mom that I’d bring her to Baguio. It’s been 40 years since her last visit to the city of pines and I am sure she’d be happy to go there once again. So last January, I asked Eton if we could go back to Baguio (for the nth time) with mommy and of […]

  • Mt. Cloud Baguio

    Mt. Cloud Baguio

    Went to Baguio and decided to become a bookworm. I wasn’t feeling well that day and the weather wasn’t helping but I was really happy to drop by the quaint and cozy book shop called Mt. Cloud and find interesting books in its bookshelves. Eton and I love hanging out in bookstores. We love reading […]

  • Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom

    Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom

    We never get tired of EK. I mean, what else do we have here? For us, it’s the only theme park we could enjoy ALL DAY here in the Philippines! I go here almost every year either with friends or my family. This time, my sister brought us all here since it was their company’s […]